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The thirteenth round of the United Rugby Championship will take place this weekendTakes advantage of the Guinness Book of World Records For the Italians, Bennett Leinster is the top host in the class with two difficult commitments, while Zebrey is far away against Parma Osprey.

Marco Portolami’s team was relegated to 11th place in the points table Even after experiencing the final knockouts, they will face one of the toughest challenges of the season against Dubliners. Leinster tops the points table. The green-and-white boys must be 100% accurate to stop the Irish and return to first place, and Treviso is still in full swing for the playoffs, but they will have to change in this second round of the championship. Pace.

For tomorrow’s match, the coach chose to kick off in Monigo at 13.55 Intensely a large triangle made by Andrs Cout‌si, the wings will be Rhino Smith on the left and Lorenzo Pani on the right. In the center are Filippo Drago and Joaquin Reira. Median in the opening will be controlled by Tomas Albornos and Alessandro Garbici. Following Corneal LS, the Green & White package sees Federico Sani and Nahuel Tetas at the forefront. In the second row, young Nicola Piantella and Captain Carl Wegner formed the couple. The scrum is formed by a third line formed by Matteo Maggiato and Lorenzo Canon. The third equator will be To Halafihi.

However, on Sunday, at 3.00pm at the Liberty Stadium with a kick-off, the Zebra are guests of the Parma Ospress.. With Emilian still undefeated this season, the Welsh have been a tough obstacle, with the hosts currently seventh in the standings. Bianconeri will have to start all over again with a solid scrum to create attack opportunities for the backs and improve defense in a coup attempt.


Emiliano Bergmashi was selected for the away match A large triangle formed by Jacopo Trula, Giovanni di Onofrio and Azeli Tuvaka, the median formed by Antonio Ricci and Nicolo Casilio, along with Eric Cronje and Enrico Luccin. The third tier, formed by Renato Giammarioli, Icopo Bianchi and Luka Andreani, is in the second tier along with Andrea Zambonin and Liam Mitchell, while Eduardo Bello, Massimo Ceciliani and Paulo Buenfiglio are in the lead.

Photo: Alfio Guarise – LPS

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