Treviso, still knockout. Defeat in Galway – OA Sport

Treviso, still knockout.  Defeat in Galway - OA Sport

The successful appointment of Benetton Treviso is yet to be seen this season, which clearly gives Konach the lead in Galway. Venetti, who left the team with a sense of humiliation at 12-7 and returned to the field where Konach had run away, gave Benoit a mainly useless yellow.

DAfter 13 minutes of first-round study, the first striker was Konach, who scored 7-0 with Paul Boyle. Initial. Benetton Treviso, who is looking for his first win of the season, is trying for a response, but the Venetians are struggling to get on the field. So the Irish had a chance to hurt again in the 23rd minute A touchdown in the 5th meter, the second Masterson line from a forwarding email, the second goal comes 12-0..

Betten responds, as it passes through the red, offloads two tackles for the shattering Barbini, and then picks up the Oval Alongo, which is going to be smashed 12-7 in the sequel.. However, the breach of procedure Caution is welcome. Soon the Venetian team is being punished. Connach’s fast action breaks Wooden’s and stretches again. Useless mistake in Benvenutti Connach, who dominates at the end of the half, marks the second individual goal with Boyle, leading 24-7 with the Irish in the first half..

Trevizo struggles on defense, but Konach insists he escapes in the end and avoids trying early in the second half. While Beniton put in a fine performance in the 55th minute, Boyle ran 31-7 after a long run in the Rockies and Irish.. As the match is now part of the Konach boys, the hosts dominate the territory and possession, and Treviso is struggling to get on the field. Finally, try to close the gap Treviso and two minutes from the end the final score was Duanej’s goal set 31-14.

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