Treviso falls with Conach and bids farewell to playoffs – OA Sport

Treviso falls with Conach and bids farewell to playoffs - OA Sport

Benigno Treviso deceives himself into believing he can return to victory with the zebra from the Christmas derby in MonigoBut a spectacular comeback in the second half shattered against Tuimuga’s goal, which gave Conach the win and shattered Bortolami’s boys’ playoff dreams.

Treviso was surprised at the attack of Reddy, Go, and Conach, and missed a tackle on defense. Predergast reached the target 0-7 without playing a single minute. Try to respond to the home team as well At 9, they can go on the pitch with Giacomo da Ray and score 3-7. However, Benetton fought back defensively and threatened to suffer on the second attempt, but escaped due to an Irish error. Many holes were found by people from Galway, but Benetton escaped with two guest errors. Treviso fails and leaves the green and white wall at the age of 19, which breaks down Murray and flies off the corner at 3-14..

Treviso tries to get back into the game, raising the pace ball in his hand, but fails to make it a reality with a number of trivial errors to prevent green-and-white attacks. So, half of the hosts are pressing Conach again, and Bennett also has a lot of problems with their touches. The guests, who close the first half of the attack, try to resist Treviso’s impact and at the end the marking does not come and at 3-14 we go back to the break.

In the second half, Benetton took the ball more aggressively and smashed the hosts in his own half. The ball moves from one touch to the beach At 46, Ederdo Padovani could be found completely alone and the winger could cross the line to score 10-14.. Now Treviso has certainly changed its pace, dominating the hosts in a closed scrum and mound, but from Padovani who missed the chance to touchdown in the 5m while playing bad football.

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However, Treviso argues that Connect is too foul and that it is another violation to book a prendergast and drop 10 minutes for a foul on an Irish mall. There are two more Connach fouls from the following program, forcing the green and white with the pack e In the third attempt, Halafihi started 17-14 to break Bennett’s advantage.. In the 76th minute, Conach gave a yellow card to Suliani and Treviso, who closed the scoring, and smashed into the goal line. Tuimauga and Connacht reached the goal and came back 17-21. Treviso closes in on the attack, forced to mark, pulls the Irish on the rope, touches the outside 5m, and again the clock is a red conch foul, but misses without finding the mark.

Photo: Mattia Radoni – LPS

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