Treviso, a drop in the bucket condemned the OA Sport

Treviso, a drop in the bucket condemned the OA Sport

Bennett Treviso’s first win in Guinness Pro 14 was not found, condemning Hanrahan ‘s time – out drop, giving Munster an 18-16 victory. Treviso starts badly, but then comes back and moves forward with Sarto’s goal, but makes a ball difference that missed 30 seconds from the end.

Benetton Treviso got off to a bad start and three minutes later it was a very trivial goal. Monster’s soccer forward, the ball bounces off the flag, the defender fails to get the oval out, and Sweeten is partially broken 0-5. The Irish insist, the home team is suffering a lot After a bad pass, the goal was broken by Scanner and the escaped Munster who ran 0-12. Treviso try to respond, using an Irish forward to gain a touch of 22 opponents.

Treviso increased the speed, but on the 23rd Riccion was warned. Benetton, now making the game, joins Angelo Esposito at the age of 27 Who receives the Oval Off, despite a disappointing tackle attempt, breaks through the game, and Allen, who did not find the posts and score, rises to 5-12. Treviso now dominates the territory and possession, winning a free kick in the 33rd over for Alan-4.. Treviso again to press forward and on time Alan returns to the pitch and the first half ends 11-12 for Munster.

Playing with the ball in hand at the start of the second half is always green and white, but an empty pass from the shore denies the Venetians the chance to score a goal. This is how the Limerick team returns to life, winning a free kick at 54 and extending from the pitch.. Benetton responds by bringing the hosts closer to the goal area with excellent breaks, but too much motivation drives the Venetians forward. They force Barbini and his teammates to push, and at the end of the game they get a free kick in the attack and Alan contacts.

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In the 65 ‘gift from Munster, Trevizo never takes advantage of the fact that he forgot to let the extreme ball out of the Oval. 71 ‘Treviso blazed again, Howard’s ball bounces forward to Tomaso Benoinutti, but the oval does not move, the ball stands high and does nothing. But the Oval flies to the right from the next round, with Leonardo Sarto smashing a tackle to make it 16-15 for Treviso’s victory.. The Venetians play Monster with the clock half their time, but the Irish have a last chance. Hanrahan finds a successful drop that condemns Treviso to another knockout after expiration.

Photo: Ettore Griffoni – LPS

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