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Blue light has always been a matter of concern. For some, they are not harmful to the eyes, but some say that they are harmful to our eyes. Thus it is a matter of debate and there have been several pieces of research on this topic and still, the research is going on. The blue light coating can be there in every frame including the designer prescription glasses.

There are various glasses and sunglasses which can have blue light coatings and other coatings for the safety of our eyes. These coatings help in a better vision and help to reduce the risks of eye diseases. Let us see the different frames of glasses and sunglasses men and women can wear with and without prescription for their fashionable look and a blue light coating.

Frames with blue light fashion

  • Aviator glasses- They are one of the old glasses frames from the eye industry. But still, they are the most demanded eyeglass frames by both men and women. Aviator sunglasses for women and men have been famous for a long time. There have been modifications in the shape and sizes of the aviator glasses and sunglasses. With the sunglasses, various colour tints are available, and that can be styled with any outfit, especially with a white shirt and blue denim. They look the smartest among all.
  • Round glasses- These are specially made for men. Men look the most handsome in these round frames. They are mostly available in dark shades like black and brown in sunglasses and other colours in eyeglasses. They can be styled best with the formals but can be worn with the casuals. Wear denim, a t-shirt, and a jacket and glasses and you will be noticed everywhere.
  • Cat-eye glasses- These are known as ladies’ glasses as the cats represent the females. They are available in various colours and sizes. These glasses are available in sunglasses variations and with tortoiseshell patterns also. They have been in high demand among females for a long time. They are best suitable for the oval face shape people but all face shape women can wear these glasses. They can be styled with every outfit and are suitable for both formals and casuals.
  • Oversized glasses- These glasses are famous among all age groups. Young adults love these glasses and style them with various outfits. They are available in various shapes and sizes so that all face shapes can try, wear and experiment with oversized glasses. The oversized sunglasses are very famous among females and they wear them beautifully with their outfits and look gorgeous. Again the young, wear oversized glasses with their casuals and that creates a smart look. They are available in different variations like geometrics, tortoiseshells, squares, rounds, aviators, cat-eye, and others.
  • Dual-tone glasses- These glasses have unique colour combinations of various colours in a single frame. These glasses are available in different shapes and sizes and can be worn with any outfit. They are mainly worn by adults of the age group above 40 years and are a perfect fit for them. But people of all age groups can wear these glasses. They are not available in sunglasses variations.
  • Clear glasses- These glasses come in nude colours and broad borders and are transparent. They are available in various shapes and sizes. These are unisexual glasses and are best paired with casuals. The sunglass variation of these glasses are new but are quite popular among people. They do not add much to the overall look but highlights the features of the face.
  • Square glasses- These are very popular frames of glasses among people. Square frames are one such framework that is suitable for people of all age groups without a second thought. They are available in sunglasses and eyeglasses and different colours and sizes. Square glasses are suitable for every mood and every occasion. They can be styled with every outfit.
  • Retro glasses- These glasses are suitable for both men and women. These glasses give a perfect retro touch and feel in the modern era. They are available in various shapes and sizes. Retro fashion has been very famous and remarkable and the glasses of the retro era have made a different impression on people. To revive the retro feel in the modern era, these glasses are made in such a way that they can be said as modern retro glasses. These glasses can be worn with any outfit, especially with casuals and a waist-cost.
  • Rimless glasses- These glasses create a never-ending fashion look. They are best suitable for reading purposes and are mainly worn with the formals. These glasses are found in various shapes and the temples are available in various colours. These glasses are unisexual.
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These are the frames of the glasses which are trending and can be worn everywhere for every purpose.

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