Trends among travelers from Switzerland for the coming year

Trends among travelers from Switzerland for the coming year

Choose destinations from the Swiss series, plan long vacations, and travel to cultural cities. These are the latest insights from eBookers’ 2023 Travel Trends Report.

(press release) How do the Swiss influence when booking a trip and which aspects are most important to them? The latest survey by investigates these questions. According to the travel platform, the results show that 70 percent of respondents research a travel destination after watching a show or movie on streaming services. A total of 44 percent even booked the trip.

Adventure and fantasy shows attract tourists
The filming locations of the successful fantasy series seem particularly attractive. 29 percent of respondents would like to visit Iceland, followed by New Zealand. Big cities like New York and Paris — where groups of American girlfriends can often be seen visiting hip restaurants and bars — attract tourists. Unsurprisingly, the new series would have put South Korea on the map among streaming fans. So it’s no surprise that the Asian country made it into the top 10 dream destinations, according to an eBooks press release. But more streaming tourists and K-drama fans would visit Switzerland in recent months. Apart from Jungfraujoch, Klein Scheidegg, Eiger Glacier and Grindelwald are also very popular.

Top 10 Travel Destinations for Streaming Fans
1. Island
2. New Zealand
3. New York
4. Great Britain
5. Paris
6. Korea
7. Atlanta
8. Switzerland
9. Ireland
10. Italy

National parks and nature holidays have become very popular over the last couple of years. But now cities seem to be making a comeback. Many of the biggest growth destinations are cities that offer a lot of culture and resurgent arts and cultural events. The following Capitals of Culture are in demand in 2023:
1.Edinburgh, Scotland
2. Lisbon, Portugal
3. Tokyo, Japan
4. Dublin, Ireland
5. New York, USA
6. Sydney, Australia
7. Dubai
8. Montreal, Canada
9. Munich, Germany
10. Bangkok, Thailand

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2023 will see longer holiday travel
When asked what their longest planned trip would be in 2023, 30 percent of those surveyed said three or four weeks. The majority (42 percent) plan at least a two-week vacation. The trend is towards longer journeys. Most of the interviewees attributed this to a desire to discover new cultures and to seek a break from everyday life.

“These trends show that a new travel behavior is emerging and that Swiss travelers are inspired by new media, from televised tourism to major cultural events. “Dream destinations are diverse – long-haul trips from Edinburgh to Australia for festivals,” says Rebecca Murphy, head of PR for ebookers, sorting out the results in a press release.

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