Trees in various forests in Ireland receive “ice hair”

Trees in various forests in Ireland receive "ice hair"

Last week, a group of people were walking in a forest in Mullagmore, Ireland, when they were surprised to find a kind of cotton candy among the trees.

According to the website Live Science, Calls this strange phenomenon “Ice Hair”, Due to thin threads of ice crystals (0.2 mm) protruding from some trees in very cold temperate regions.

According to a 2015 study published in the journal Science Biogeology, This phenomenon only happens Moist and juicy wood This has been reported in many countries – Like the United States, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Germany, and Ireland – at latitudes 45 to 55 degrees north of the equator.

These “ice hairs” were first described over a century ago. Six years ago, the authors of the study mentioned above found their responsibility: fungus Exidiopsis root, Although they do not yet know exactly how this happens.

When someone touches these “hairs”, or when exposed to sunlight, they quickly melt away, wrote the British broadcaster. BBCThis phenomenon has been reported in many parts of Ireland in recent days.

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