“Treasures of the World – The Heritage of Mankind” Sunday through Saturday: Repeat of the documentary series online and on TV

You can watch the documentary series "Treasures of the World - The Tradition of Humanity" on 3sat live and on TV here

On Sunday (December 5, 2021), “Treasures of the World – Heritage of Mankind” was shown on television. You can watch the documentary series “Skellig Michael, Irland Grenzstein der Welt” when and where, whether on television or in the online media library, at news.de.

Treasures of the World – The Legacy of Humanity 3 Sat.
Image: 3sat broadcasts FUNKE program guides

Sunday (December 5, 2021) at 7:40 pm on “The Treasures of the World – The Heritage of Mankind” on TV. Did you miss the song “Treasures of the World – Heritage of Humanity” with “Schല്ലിcklig Michael, Ireland Greinstein Der Welt” and “Greinstein Der Welt – Schല്ലിcklig Michael (Ireland)”? Take a look 3 Sat.– Media Library. Here you will find countless television programs that can be streamed online as video on demand after broadcast.. You can usually find the program online after it airs on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. Unfortunately, Classic TV does not have 3 sat repetitions for the time being.

“Treasures of the World – Heritage of Humanity” on TV: This is “Skelling Michael, Ireland Landmarks of the World”

Of the countless island monasteries in Ireland, the one at Schleigh Michael is certainly the most unusual. The monastery complex was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996. It is the residence of a monk, and depicts how the early Christian monks Spartan lived here from the 7th to the 12th century. The whole place is attractive with two rocky islands. The Irish poet George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) said, “Whose magic is beyond space and time, far from our world”. (Source: 3sat, broadcast by FUNKE Program Guides)

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On TV “Treasures of the world – the traditions of humanity”: all the information at a glance

Subject: World Boundary Stone – Schleigh Michael (Ireland)

Powered by Blogger: 3 Sat.

Year of production: 2002

Long: 20 minutes

In HD: Yes

All broadcast dates for “Treasures of the World – Heritage of Mankind” on television

Here you can find other versions of “Treasures of the World – Heritage of Mankind” when and where:

Episode name (s) Series Episode Date Time Sender Duration
Catherine Monastery, on the island of Faith in Egypt 1 307 12.12.2021 7:40 pm 3 Sat. 20 minutes

(Information about the season and episode numbers is provided by the respective broadcasters, which may differ from those in the official episode guides)

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