Traveling Abroad during Kovid’s time

Traveling Abroad during Kovid's time

In a gradual attempt to return to normal, the possibility of overseas travel has been included. Those who want to do so should think first board Of the place where you want to go. This is it First recommendation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs And portal The journey is safe. What will the Italians do if they intend to cross national borders? July 30? That is, within the validity period Dpcm March 2, 2021 AndOrdinance 2021 May 14 Of Minister of Health”.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs – As you may remember AdnKronos – a Survey Thereby giving it to the user, a Series of questions, And procedures for removing all necessary information where permitted. Below are the conditions in force in Italy and the measures envisaged to enter the most important tourist destinations, European and non-European countries.

In countries that allow travel without the need for motivation:


After admission, the faithful are required to undergo self-isolation for ten days. It is also mandatory to show a Covid test with a negative result when entering Austria (or in any case 24 hours after entry). If the test is already present at the time of admission, it should be performed not earlier than 72 hours if it is a molecular test and not earlier than 48 hours if it is an antigen test. Before entering the country, you also need to register online, which communicates your personal data and travel and shipping information.

Vienna (Photo by Ansa)


Obligation to show a live PCR molecular test (PCR-RT) within 72 hours of departure. Antigen testing is not accepted, and PCR testing other than PCR-RT is not accepted. This liability affects passengers over 11 years of age. Anyone entering France in any case must complete self-certification.

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Anyone entering Germany on a plane, regardless of country of origin, must have documentation proving that they were vaccinated, treated, or tested negative for a kylase prior to boarding. This obligation does not apply to children under 6 years of age. According to German law, people who have completed at least 14 days of the vaccination cycle are considered “vaccinated” (if they have already been infected with Kovid, the first dose is sufficient) and those who have tested positive for a kylase for at least 28 days, and more than 6 months. For untreated and untreated people, kylase may be antigenic (rapid) or molecular, within 48 hours of entry into Germany (in the case of antigenic; in the previous 72 hours, in the case of molecular PCR). Documentation on the effects of vaccination, recovery or kylase can also be written in Italian (German, English, French and Spanish).


Passengers residing in EU countries have had their seven-day fiduciary insulation obligation previously in effect removed, and if they have a negative molecular test (in English) performed within the last 72 hours upon arrival, upon arrival, or – alternatively – at least 14 days after completion of a vaccination certificate (vaccination) completed For other travelers, the obligation to respect a period of seven days of loyal self-isolation (or, if short-lived, for the entire duration of stay) is envisioned up to the date of determination. On the other hand, all arriving passengers have the potential to undergo a quick check-in after the sample has arrived in Greece. It is mandatory if sample test is selected. If there is a positive quick test, there is a mandatory 14-day isolation period for passengers who have tested positive and their closest contacts in special “quarantine hotels” (the cost of accommodation includes the Greek government), where the initial diagnosis is to test new tests. To enter the country, regardless of nationality and method of entry, it is necessary to fill out – the latest on the eve of arrival in Greece – an online form, Passenger Locator Form (PLF), where passengers must be of compulsory origin, length of stay in other countries, and address where they have stayed in Greece.

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Athens (Photo by Ansa)


All European countries and countries in the Sch‌nchen region are allowed entry without any shipbuilding obligation. Negative PCR molecular test conducted within 72 hours of entry into the country is liable to enter the country. In the case of Italy, it is the liability of travelers from any region. Quick inspection is not allowed, even for the Canary Islands.


Passengers entering the United Kingdom must meet the following four requirements: 1) Present the negative result of the Kovid-19 test conducted in the three days prior to departure and comply with the parameters specified by the British Government. The obligation to show a test with a negative result applies to people around the world, including those traveling in transit and those traveling from the UK abroad for trips of less than 3 days; 2) Fill out an online form (“Travel Locator Form”) two days prior to departure; 3) observe 10 days of precautionary isolation; 4) Conduct two Kovid-19 tests on the second and eighth day of self-isolation in the country.

United States

For the past 14 days, travelers who have been to a country in the Shenzhen area in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, South Africa and China (including Italy) are still suspended from entering the USA. Or Iran.

Washington (Photo by Ansa)


Until June 17, 2021, incoming and outgoing international borders were closed, not only to travelers and permanent residents foreigners but also to Australian citizens. There is a 14-day strict liability for services designated by local authorities (usually hotels), as only a limited number of approved people get discounts on a case-by-case basis.

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People from Italy should be held in solitary confinement for the first three days of their stay in a facility designated by the Japanese embargo authorities. The rules require you to stay in a small hotel room, not in direct contact with expulsions, and food provided by the embargo authorities. On the third day, further inspections will be carried out and the Japanese authorities, in case of a bad result, will be able to reach people without using public transport at the place of their choice to end the 14-day period. Of faithful self-isolation. Those who test positive should observe health protocols, which will be indicated by the Japanese authorities.

Tokyo (Photo by Ansa)

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