Trash in Trout Lakes, Ireland, William, Joseph

Pêche aux déchets aux lacs à la Truite d’Irlande, William et Joseph 

The second edition of the Great Cleanup of Irish Trout, William and Joseph Lakes and Slater Ponds will take place next May 28th. This Waste Fishing Day aims to collect waste located in waterways, lakes and canals. Great opportunity to prove that the core of environmental protection is citizen participation.

Beckencourt also co-sponsored the event with the Irish Trout Lake Protection Association (APLTI), the William Lake Association (ALW), the Municipalities of Ireland, and the Association of Lake Joseph Residents (ARRLJ) supported by Saint-Ferdinand, Saint-Pierre-Baptiste and Inverness. GROBEC) joined hands.

The trash fish will be held between 9 a.m. and noon. Participants were invited to present themselves at various meeting points at 9 a.m. for possession of equipment (gloves, bags, etc.) indicating their presence. For event organizers, a draw on door prizes will take place at various meeting points (Slaughter Pool Park, Lake William Look and Lake Joseph Landing Stage).

People wishing to attend must register by contacting Chloé Lacasse via email ( or by phone (819.980.8038 Exet. 206).

Divers at an aquarium in Quebec

Looking forward to something new this year at Lake William. Diving experts from the Aquarium du Quebec will be on site to collect the debris buried at the bottom of the lake. Aquarium du Quebec’s Aqua St. Ferdinand Marina will offer educational workshops on aquatic life for both young and old.

Participants are welcome to attend these workshops in the afternoon after waste collection. It should be noted that aquaculture and diving experts will be on site from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 1 to 3 p.m.

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The event is one of several events taking place across Quebec as part of the Mois de Liu. All activities offered to the Quebec population can be accessed through the following websites:

The initiative is included in the Quebec Water Strategy’s 2018-2023 Action Plan, which deploys precise measures for the protection, use and control of water and aquatic environments in a responsible, integrated and sustainable manner.

Keep in mind that GROBEC is a non-profit organization tasked with implementing integrated water management in the wetland area of ​​the Beaconcore Zone. OBV is officially recognized in legislation that confirms the collective nature of water resources and strengthens their protection. In consultation with the water partners, the organization prepares a water master plan and oversees its implementation.

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