Transfer for 30 years: Irish guests experience the Munchberg effect – Munchberg

Die Kamera überträgt den Empfang live nach Lucan in Irland.  Julia Puchta und Jan Dlugos  begrüßen die Austauschschüler mit einer kleinen Rede und  Sina Zuber mit ihrer Geige. Schulleiter Gerd Koppitz (rechts) begleitete sie auf dem Keyboard.

Mayors send greetings

Hellebroot Mayor Stephen Paulman, who recorded a video message, confirms that he was right. He tells of his daughter, a former high school student who was in Ireland at the time and is still in contact today. Paulman would love to welcome Irish guests back to the Textile Museum and weave them the longest scarves. The mayor of Munchberg, Christian Zuber, remembers the transfer from the time he was a math and physics teacher in high school. “He was always something special,” he says in an interview with Munchberg hosts. The students made videos for the Irish. So they can enjoy at least one virtual tour of the school and the city.

The Irish guests were saddened to see on the screen the photo of Fiktelgebirge’s mobile phone, which is currently covered in snow. “How nice it would be if we could be with you now,” says Irish headmistress Diane Byrne. The Irish always schedule their return visit in February as snow is expected.

Balloon Escape and Schnitzel

Now Exchange Week is about something different: Carnival in Germany and German-German history. Meanwhile, students in Munchberg and Luken watch the movie “Balloon” about the legendary plane from GDR in a hot air balloon, which marks a happy ending near the Nile. We bake and cook together: cheesecake and real Weiner Schnitzel. Teacher Rosvita Bohne explains why the Irish still have an urgent need to buy. “Not pork – pork, veal.”

All the speakers, whether in front of the camera or on the screen, combine the great expectation that it will work again soon – a meeting “actually”.

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