Trailer for Liam Neeson’s Travel Documentary in Ireland

Trailer for Liam Neeson's Travel Documentary in Ireland

Moviegoers have traveled around the world with Liam Neeson, often in difficult situations (both fictional and historical). We went the first two routes to Paris and Istanbul Taken The movie. We hiked through the dangerous mountains of Bhutan Batman Iniesta. We survived the remote + unforgiving conditions in Alaska Gray. Hell, we even renovated an Italian villa with our estranged son Made in Italy (Not exactly Nisan’s A movie, I know). But this time, in this remarkable documentary about the MacGillivray Freeman, the Grizzly action star invited us home: Ireland.

“There is a movement in Ireland to reconnect with our heritage and rediscover what Irish means, and I am delighted to help Imax bring joy and diversity to all that Ireland offers, both old and new. Large screen. Around the world, ”said Liam Neeson Belfast Telegraph.

“When viewers experience Ireland’s great beauty and humanity on the world’s biggest screens, they fall in love again.”

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“As one of Ireland’s greatest storytellers, Liam Neeson’s extraordinary talent and brilliant voice enrich our story, which integrates Ireland’s ancient past with its vibrant future,” says director Greg McGillivre.

“Ireland has always captured the imagination of the world with its rich history and comforting landscapes, and we hope to share this film with an audience of over 70 million people, including Irish people around the world – all the wonderful and cultural diversity. The island of Ireland is such a unique and unique place.”

The second Delivery time, The main documentary – the fourth produced by Freeman – follows the adventurous journey across the island by Irish author Manchan Magan and violinist Patricia Tracy. Magnus and Tracy are four Irish teenagers, hoping to gain insight into their common Irish heritage. From the more visible hotspots in Dublin and Belfast to Kilkenny, Kong, the Cliffs of Mohair, the Giant Causeway and the Skelleg Islands.

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Ireland Directed by MacGillivray Freeman and narrated by Liam Neeson at IMAX (Ireland, United States, Canada) International Cinemas 11 February 2022 – Watch the first trailer of the documentary above.

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