TRAI Delay SMS: Telecom companies refrain from enforcing these rules despite TRAI

TRAI Delay SMS: Telecom companies refrain from enforcing these rules despite TRAI
M. Ta. Representative, Pune

Central Telecom Regulatory Authority (Troy) Telecom companies have not implemented the new rules regarding commercial SMS, which have barred citizens from accessing the One Time Password (OTP). Telecom companies have been instructed to approve the new rules within the next seven days.

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A few days ago, Troy changed the format of commercial SMS. In order not to deceive the citizens, Troy prepared some SMS templates and asked all telecom companies to take action. Troy said this will prevent those who send SMS under the guise of fraud. As telecom companies do not enforce these new rules, there are barriers to one-time passwords. This may upset citizens, but many still do Telecom companies There is a picture of unwillingness to accept the new rules. Companies are demanding that TRAI make some special adjustments in this regard or remove these rules.

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At the same time, citizens have admitted that there are problems with the OTP. An OTP must be provided whenever a person makes a transaction online. Citizens complain that his SMS is late or sometimes not received. To resolve the issue, TRAI has given all companies an extra seven days to register their SMS templates. Troy said there would be no problem if the SMS template was registered in the telecom circle of all the companies and the telecom companies should make arrangements to enforce the rules as soon as possible.

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The new rules are designed with security in mind. On the one hand, it is necessary to follow some strict rules to prevent fraud through mobile. Telecom companies have been given a seven-day extension during which they will have to register their SMS methods.

– Sec. K. Gupta, Secretary, Troy

New laws are important for security

Previously, commercial SMS had no restrictions and some fraudsters used such SMS extensively. Now, under the new rules, telecom companies can avoid cheating citizens after registering their commercial SMS templates. It is imperative that these laws be enforced, and it is not yet clear why telecom companies oppose this.

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