Towards World Cup victory: A major challenge for Italy in Ireland

Mondiali in palio: per l’Italia sfida chiave in Irlanda

The Italian national team all play in Belfast – to go to the World Cup in Qatar, just beating Northern Ireland is not enough: you need to score more than one goal to keep Switzerland away.

Towards World Cup victory. This time it’s not rhetoric, it’s not Eva’s petty sports legend, but a simple and harsh reality: Belfast, vs. Northern Ireland (8.45pm), unfortunately, Switzerland are playing for direct access to Qatar despite the pressure on Lucerne to host Bulgaria. The question is now well known, but it would be good to repeat it to focus more on what awaits us: the Assyrians and the Swiss Came in first with 15 points, Therefore, decides who will go directly to the World Cup and who will go through the anonymous playoffs instead. Goal difference, Sees us at any moment Two goals ahead. So victory in Belfast is the basis, but if the Swiss do the same with the Bulgarians, it is clear that we will have to grab the calculator and find the net of goals scored and conceded, who can remove the pass. Qatar.

It was an almost unbelievable situation for us, the European champions 4 months ago and not yet A Rishio play-off, Yet 100% true, not in line with the expectations that summer creates because of autumn. But it’s hard to bandage before you’re breaking your head: George Bessout’s right-winger Northern Ireland are 58th in the FIFA rankings, while we are fourth (France are third), a European championship with significant details of what they have won now.

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“No bad thoughts – he thundered Mancini At the press conference – the national team is always under pressure, this time there will be less, but we should try to focus on what needs to be done. This is not about scoring multiple goals, but about playing the game, if at all They have not conceded a goal at home It means something. It’s a tough match, but if we can score more than one goal, we have a better chance of winning.

Yes, because of the net of great technological excellence, it is only right to underline how the Northern Irish have a unique feature within the friendly walls of Windsor Park: in three qualifiers, in fact, they won one (with Lithuania on Friday) and two. The score was two, conceding two goals and conceding zero. Knowing that Switzerland will probably do this at home with Bulgaria, Mancini Dixit is no better for those seeking broader success.

To say that all of these speeches would not have happened if Jorge Gino had scored at least one of the two penalties against Switzerland … The past cannot be erased, but there may be other perspectives in the future, so discuss the possibility from Belfast Change the penalty taker, Italian-Brazilian, as a complete specialist, in the light of three consecutive errors, is misunderstood. “If they give us one I do not know I will beat him – I knew the captain Bonucci At the press conference – we will decide now, but now we have decided to give up everything as usual… ”. And so on Giorgino again, If he passes his hand and does not decide to sell it to someone else.

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In any case, qualification is not played on penalties, but Italy need to be there for the match as well Find some excitement in the goal area, The only real Achilles heel on a team that plays well, but struggles to score. In light of the many shortcomings and Bellotti’s disappointing performance, Mancini, A.J. 4-3-3 without a pure striker, Donarumma on goal, De Lorenzo on the defensive, Bonucci, Azerby, Emerson Palmieri, Barella on the midfield, Giorgino, Tonaly, Berardi on the attack, Insane and Cheese, the use of Scamaca cannot be completely avoided.

Barracks, Northern Ireland no longer have any qualifying ambitions, but will try to give themselves a night of glory with a score of 3-5-2, along with Peacock-Farrell, Cathcart, Evans, McNair, Ferguson and Saville in the back department. In the midfield, Davis, McCann, Dallas, Washington and Magnus are the attacking pair.

It is good to underline that if it goes bad, we will not be eliminated from the World Cup, but will be forced into betrayal. Playoff at the end of March 2022. Compared to 2017, the rules have changed, so there is no longer a challenge with an opponent, but a real tournament Dry semifinal (In the field of best ranking) e Last round trip. Of the possible rivals, the film finishes waiting for matches tonight and tomorrow, and there are Swedes, so we do not need to remember why we want to avoid them at any cost. But we hope to never think about it, because fate is still in our hands and must pass from tonight.

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