Tourism Ireland, the three pillars of recovery

Tourism Ireland, the three pillars of recovery

Ireland Lockdown at least until the beginning of April: otherwise a very strict government will ban entry into the country Proven requirements. Vaccination plans are well under way in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The glow of hope. However, “we can not predict when we will return,” he said Ornella Gamaccio (Pictured), Irish Tourism Director.

“The RT to date is the lowest in Europe, and the Tourism Board is working hard to keep Ireland out of the minds of tourists.” The goal is to get through the campaign of the destination with big campaigns as fast as you can travel.

The epidemic has revolutionized the region, which is why even tourists after Kovid are paying more attention to different, health and hygiene aspects. “They are established Two protocols – Gamachi continues -. These are security charters, and we’re good to go, with high security standards that thousands of companies have already met. ”

In addition, they have been identified 3 thematic series This makes Ireland an ideal destination for the near future. Open spaces, experience, and nature all take into account the environment. “The pillars of tourism for the country – he concludes – will be the outdoor door, experienced luxury and obviously sustainable”.

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