Tourism in Brescia: The Bridge of All Saints ends with prosperity – economy

Tourism in Brescia: The Bridge of All Saints ends with prosperity - economy
Alessandro Fantini, Deputy Vice President of Federalberg Brescia

Brescia – The long bridge on November 1 gives Brescia the final queue of tourist arrivals and presence, Before winter. The main attraction for Italian and foreign visitors is the lakes, which are still reported to be open structures. “It will be a good bridge and I think it will be there Closing with the broadcast of a season that went very well – Alessandro Fantini, Vicar Vice President of Federalberg Brescia, explains – We started late, but there was a way to catch up. For the city, promotions on national television networks bring in interested tourists on a cultural visit to the city. A tendency to hope for a better recovery after Kovid “.

The city’s cultural tourism compensates for business tourism, and Brescia is historically significant, but it has not yet fully recovered. “The growth of the economy has not led to the return of business tourism – Fantini explains – especially with regard to international mobility, there is still an unreachable influx from many foreign countries. In winter, the mountain can be the hero, But the nature of the snowfall and the progress of the epidemic remain. “There are some small thoughts – Fantini continues – above all because of the presence of the Anglo-Saxon world, he is a great visitor to our mountains. We focus a lot on domestic tourism and we expect Italians to come to our mountains.”

While the tourism sector has been hit hardest in the two years of the Pandemic, it is equally true that there was a particular resistance on the part of the operators and no fearful closures were seen. “He shut down those who were already in trouble – Fantini adds – But let’s not forget that even opponents have to ask for financial help, so the debt will continue for a few more years. “It’s always hard, though, to find employees.” Those who can choose to go to work in low-risk areas of pandemic – Fantini highlights – but there are also those who want to take citizenship income. “Looking to the future, we are betting above all else. Bergamo-Brescia is the capital of culture. These days, a tour promoted by Visit Brescia, Visit Lake Icio and Visit Bergamo is taking place for representatives of Irish tour operators and specialized presses in anticipation of 2023.

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