Toulouse is “a little scattered” on the red carpet.

Toulouse is "a little scattered" on the red carpet.

Stade Toulouse signed against the Irish of Ulster on Saturday in the 16th first round of the European Rugby Cup. “Some scattered” As a movie about the club was about to be released, his coach Yugo Mola apologized on Friday.

“In our microcosm, we want to focus on the European Cup weeks: the opponent we’ve going to play with.”He told a news conference.

“Promo week has grown beyond my control, which is not the best fit for us”He added. “We have to admit that we were a little scattered even though we were.”

Reigning European champions Antoine DuPont and Romain Ntamak arrived in Paris on Monday to promote the film. “Stadium”And attend a preview of the Grand Rex.

“It’s good to talk about rugby differently, but I’m not hiding from you that I can not wait to be back on the field.”Mole insisted. “The message is clear between us: we knew we should not lose energy with all needs, especially Antoine and Romain.”

Her roommate Franസ്ois Cross said the Toulouse locker room was now turned upside down in dark rooms and red carpets: “It simply came to our notice then. We have to be actors in our field of work, that is, in the field.

“We’ve talked a lot about Stade Toulouse with the release of this movie, but it’s better to talk a little more about it for our results.”Disappointed by the performances underlined the Third International Line “Double” Of Rouge et Noir for months.

“This week we took the time to talk to each other and ask ourselves if it’s the end of the season and all the matches will be decisive.”He said openly. “We need to find this criminal collective drive that we recently lost.”

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