Tottenham want to replace Jose Mourinho with a Mourinho saree

Tottenham Sarri

In the coming weeks, Mourinho’s future was subject to intense ulation.

Tottenham Hotspur have reportedly discussed the possibility of hiring a Mauricio saree if Jose Mourinho leaves the club.

Mourinho has struggled with Tottenham in a tough season as the North London team are seventh in the Premier League and will be battling it out for Champions League soccer next season.

Tottenham have lost 10 league games this season, the last of which was a 3-1 home defeat to Manchester United on Sunday as they were embarrassed to be knocked out of the European League by Dynamo Zagreb.

Jose Mourinho.

Surprisingly, Mourinho’s future is subject to intense. Tottenham RB Leipzig manager Julian Nagelsman is thought to be the ambition, but according to the Italian website RAI Sport (via Region of Naples And Watch the sport), A former Chelsea and Juventus coach, has been linked with a move to replace the Portuguese coach.

Sari is currently out of action after leaving Juventus at the end of last season after leading Bianco Conori to the Italian league.

The 62-year-old is well known to Premier League fans thanks to his work at Chelsea, which led to his victory in the 2019 European League.

Tottenham Saree

Mauritius Sari.

However, despite Tottenham’s interest in the Italian, the sari’s priority is his return to Napoli, where he became one of the most innovative coaches in Europe for three years between 2015 and 2018.

Napoli manager Jennaro Gattuso, who has been overseeing the club’s progress for the past six weeks, is thought to be safe.

Jose Mourinho Al Tottenham.

For Mourinho, the former Chelsea, Real Madrid and Manchester United manager has a chance to win his first Tottenham manager’s silver coin in weeks as he faces Tottenham Hotspur in the UEFA Cup final on April 25.

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Mourinho seems to be running out of Tottenham. last week , Telegraph I said that some players are more frustrated with the manager blaming them for poor performance.

The Telegraph described Nogelsmann as Tottenham’s favorite choice to replace Mourinho, but the sari’s currently unplugged would make it easier to hire an Italian – albeit a split – name.


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