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Producers of the Vorpas podcast: George, Donald, Vivian.

Not another podcast? Some people may have been enjoying podcasts lately. But at TR we are big fans of the format. There are now over half a dozen audio formats in Germany, each of which we would like to introduce to you. After Lock & Prop and Egg Head, we now come to the first German rugby podcast, Warpass.

The pre-pass created in the capital by the German-Irish duo of Bahman / People gives a very different insight into the Oval events that took place in Germany and beyond. In our TR questionnaire, the team behind the pre-pass introduces itself.

Total Rugby: The first two or three lines about you please …

Vorpass: We all know each other from Berlin and have loved rugby since a young age.

Big G (George) began playing games only at Castle University. He met Donald and Vivian in Berlin in 2011 and is now a player in Underferming via Melbourne. Stayed and played with Donald in Melbourne.

Donald is originally from Ireland, but has only played rugby in Germany and had to leave the game a few years ago due to injury – now he is a full-time father in Berlin.

Vivian has played rugby all over the world, has played for Germany, and when the epidemic ends again she wants to play again for her hometown club RK03. Although we are often scattered around the world, we are always happy to be able to maintain contact.

TR: When and why did you come up with the idea for the podcast?

The three of us have been listening to a lot of podcasts over the years and have noticed that there is no such thing as rugby in Germany. There are only a few sources in Germany where you can learn more about rugby. So, we wanted to offer people something that discusses at least the biggest news every week. We always talked a lot about rugby topics and found it very interesting. In 2018 we recorded the first episode of Vivian Home Vorpas and have been doing this for years! However, since then, the three of us have rarely met, so the podcast is being recorded in various locations around the world.

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TR: What topics do you deal with?

Vorpass: We try to keep everything well hidden and especially up to date. In the world of rugby, each of us has a more or less focused subject, which means we can include a lot of things. If time allows, we can often combine different perspectives by going into specific topics and enjoy inviting guests to the podcast. We love to talk to guests about their careers and we really enjoy it.

TR: Is your podcast in the direction of more rigorous analysis or in the direction of more humor and entertainment? Or do you both try?

Vorpass: We can do both. In general, we mostly talk a lot about rugby and give a good overview of the weekend games. So stay up to date. It always happens that we want to tell jokes or small incidents. Most importantly we want to give our listeners the opportunity to stay up to date with the latest results, gossip and the most important news in the rugby world. We hope our humor drops well 🙂

TR: How often do listeners get something in your ear?

Vorpass: Our podcasts are online every Monday evening (unless George misses the upload), even several times a week at major tournaments.

TR: If anyone wants to hear your podcast for the first time, which episode would you recommend?

Vorpass: We had a lot of fun with Google from Zimbabwe, and George knows from Underforming. He told us about his time in Zimbabwe and his attempt to make the leap from Germany to SC N‌nheim. It was about his playing career in Germany and Asia, why rugby is such a great sport, how he received it from rugby and how you should give it back and how it connects us as a small community around the world!

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Interesting yet informative episode:

TR: Which international / German podcast would you recommend?

Vorpass: In general, all German rugby podcasts, the more people get information about rugby, the better for developments in Germany.

Also, the site recommends “Rugby Weekly” Donald from“- Murray Kinsella is a true rugby expert who always gives a very detailed analysis on the podcast and his articles on the website. George loves to listen to Green & Gold rugby and is known for his tough analysis. Vivian wants to hear podcasts about sports in general, such as “The Exodus Rugby Podcast” and “Stand Now”.


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