Toshiba Tech admits to cyber-attack;

Toshiba Tech admits to cyber-attack;

The Toshiba Tech Group and some of its European affiliates were the target of a new cyber ransomware attack. The Toshiba division said in a statement on Friday that it was selling its self-checkout technology and point-of-sale system to retailers.

A company spokesman who spoke said CNBC, The Toshiba group was the victim of a ransomware cyber attack – when cybercriminals blocked the victim’s system and demanded ransom, usually in cryptocurrencies – on the night of May 4th. “They asked for money, but we did not contact them and we did not pay,” officials said.


When the damage was detected, Toshiba Tech quickly disrupted the networks and operating systems between Japan and Europe to mitigate the impact of the cyber attack and initiate recovery procedures. He immediately contacted the competent authorities in Europe.

The move from the colonial pipeline came yesterday from the cybercriminal group “Darkside”, which the FBI has accused of carrying out a cyber ransomware attack that shut down a major gas pipeline system in the United States. It should be noted that the group used the same method to access the Electrobras and Koppel systems in February this year, but no significant damage was reported.

Despite being the victim of the attack, Toshiba Tech did not release the cyber criminals. Photo: vchal / Shutterstock

Toshiba Tech claims that only a small amount of data was stolen in the cyber attack. Although the group has identified some information leaks, no incidents have been reported so far.

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Attacked by the HSE in Ireland

The public health service in Ireland also said on Friday that it was the target of a cyber ransomware attack.

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Significant ransomware attacks are taking place on HSE’s IT systems. We take care to shut down all our IT systems to protect them from this attack and allow us to fully assess the situation with our own security partners, ”HSE posted on Twitter.

The ransomware cyber-attack has severely affected health services and canceled several consultations. However, coronavirus testing and vaccination appointments were not interrupted.

Entity will wait for the progress of the investigation to determine the damages and possible culprits of the crimes.

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