Toronto asks for an explanation

Toronto asks for an explanation

no sooner said than done. Milva Karelly, the sole administrator of SIFJ, the company that controls the Paulo VI race course, announced before the Toronto GP City: “I’ll talk about it after the race.” More than just talking, he wrote with his sister Anita: he sent an open letter to the media and circulated it on social networks, as well as to Mipaf executives who deal with horse racing, calling for an answer to the issue.

Letter. “On the wings of enthusiasm, the afternoon rush passed, and the last 36th edition of the City of the Toronto Grand Prix took place yesterday. We are committed to providing a beautiful and commendable page in the history of Paul VI, but this time we are left with doubts and questions, and we wonder if our commitment to this work, which has been carried out with unwavering passion, has somehow been appreciated by the operators, the public and the professionals. അതെ. Yes, there is probably one, and we would like to see our work evaluated once again with a grade.Maybe you did an experiment As it turns out … we want to know if we really deserve to be cut off from an event that remains and exists in the history of a city: Taranto. But also in the national horse race. We demand that we be freely and publicly disciplined if we are not equal, and that our work be praised freely and publicly if it satisfies employees, operators and the general public. But above all by bureaucrats. However, one thing seems clear and undeniable, our Toronto: it’s alive …! Despite all that, he proved it for the sixteenth time by responding well to the appointment. Pandemic, limitations, beautiful greenery, rain, especially during the holy boxing day like Christmas in South India. Finally, we ask ourselves, do we really want to know, what do we deserve and, above all, what awaits us in the future? As enthusiastic soldiers over the years we have made all sorts of decisions, rarely rewarding, and punishing many others. As enthusiastic soldiers we silently shouted “I obey!” We are the daughters of this city, proudly bringing its beauty and culture to the world, we are Toronto.

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History. Everyone knows the story now. Last Tuesday, Mipaaf officially announced the calendar for the 2022 Trotting Grand Prix, of which only one in Italy has been canceled more than 2021: actually the city of Toronto. In a race with a history of nearly forty years, Warren won in 1999, recording Bonneville Giffont’s victory at 1.11.5 on Sunday: Warren’s daughter, paradoxically. “This is an insult not only to our race course, but to the entire city. Milva Kareli’s Holy Vent is a structure that we continue to improve not only on the stands and on the track, but also with the interventions of professionals within the stable.

Errors in the series. Until this year, Toronto had two Grand Prix: the De Marie and the City of Toronto. Traditionally, the 2021 Dew Marie was replaced in the middle of summer. The city of Toronto, on the other hand, remained on the same date as 2020, Boxing Day, although of course it’s not the ideal place to be during the holidays, perhaps because of the bad weather, “said Paulo’s administrator.

The GP’s calendar (Nasrotro de Oro, which is reserved for seniors) is already 4 years old, and the correction has not been finalized, except for two, which is incorrect, according to the Trott Planning Circular (the age limit for Trotters is 8 years for women and 12 years for men and Zeldings, 10 and 14 respectively). I was able to distinguish myself by pencil errors. The city of Toronto can be expected to drop out of the list in 2021 due to a trivial oversight as the last GP in the schedule … because there is no technical or logical reason to cancel it. Speaking of a GP with an endowment of 40,040 euros: Beazzi’s increased by 11,000 and about 4,000 in the 4 year Women’s Championship, it would have been enough if they had not been replaced, the city would have got the money here. Although the disappearance of Toronto and Apulian GP should be explained by money …

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On the Mipaf side, there will be quick repairs to the unimaginable proximity of the calendar and a technical overlap associated with the first two GPs in 2021: Vitoria in Bologna on January 6 and Barbeta in Milan on the 9th. Long distance and reserved for the elderly. Giving these two paceoutrocks, especially a DM shelter from Toronto, is good and right.

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