Topmost banks in Sweden

The Sweden banking segment has diverged into four elements as Saving Banks, Swedish Commercial Banks, Cooperative Banks, and Foreign Banks. The first foreign bank was established in 1986, and the majority of the commercial banks at dod were founded in the mid-1990s. Moreover, Sweden’s banking sector is predominantly overpowered by the four large domestic banks and functions as universal banking and contains roughly 80% of the industry’s net worth. As banking and finance analyses the active, fast-moving capital’s world, stakes, credit and assets.  You can visit reviewing websites like  ReviewsBird if you want to be abreast of the products and services of different banks in Sweden. 

Leading banks in Sweden

Forex Bank 

It was founded in 1965, and it is among the world’s largest providers of foreign exchange. Until 2003, the purpose of the bank was to sell and purchase money and offer payment services. The bank started offering services like loans, accounts, cards and payments services after 2003; more than that, the bank also provides services such as online, telephonic, and mobile banking loans, credit and debit cards, payments, and money transfers, and cash handling services. Presently, the bank operates 110 branches with 1,238 workers and Forex bank is functioning in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway.

Swedbank AB

The bank was established in 1820 and offers banking services in the Nordic-Baltic territory. They provide assistance in areas like savings, payments and loans. At present, Swedbank has headquarters in Sundbyberg, the bank manages 159 branches across Sweden, 22 branches in Latvia, 42 branches in Lithuania, and 18 in Estonia with 16,306 workers. 

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The bank functions in Finland, Norway, Denmark, the United States, South Africa, and China. It provides services to four million consumers and 266 thousand corporate customers with SEK 2.83 trillion total assets and SEK 12.93 billion net income.

Ikano Bank 

 The bank was established in 1995 and it provides financial facilities in Norway, Sweden, the UK, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Poland, and Austria. It has around SEK 42 billion in total assets and provides consumer finance. The company functions as an associate of Ikano Group, which formulates, owns, and operates corporations in the real estate, finance, and retail insurance industries. Its headquarter is in Malmo, and the bank provides its services with 932 workers.

Nordea Bank

It is the leading financial organization in most Nordic markets with 600 branches and nearly 11 million consumers. For the third year in a row, Nordea has a record of winning the category of Best Bank in the Nordic region continuously for three years. Bank functions in 20 different countries, not to mention four domestic markets Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. 


It is located in Sweden and is owned by Skandia. It is an internet bank and has a branch office in Stockholm and runs the rest of its company through telephone and the internet. In Scandinavia, it is the most extensive internet-based.


Sweden’s banking system is very advanced, and different banks are functional in Sweden of diverse sizes and domains.

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