“Top Secret” documents seized by FBI in possible violation of law

"Top Secret" documents seized by FBI in possible violation of law

A federal judge in Florida has made public a search warrant for Donald Trump’s home that was sealed, along with an inventory of seized documents. One of these concerns the “President of France”.

After days of controversy, the FBI revealed its reasons this Friday Donald Trump’s home searched, in Florida. US federal police seized documents marked “top secret” during a search of the former president’s home. FBI investigators suspect the Republican violated an American espionage law that tightly restricts the possession of classified documents related to national security, some of which must be consulted or viewed in secure buildings. A Florida judge released several court documents Friday: a warrant and a lengthy inventory of documents seized Monday by FBI agents before the search was conducted.

Documents on “President of France”.

The list mentions a group of documents classified as “Top Secret” or “Secret” or “Secret” and a document titled “1A Info re: President of France” without further details. According to this inventory, approximately thirty boxes and binders containing photographs and handwritten notes were seized. According to experts, the implementation of this law does not mean that the former president is at risk of being accused of espionage. “The Espionage Act includes a group of offenses which have nothing to do with espionage”Bradley Moss, a lawyer who specializes in these matters, said on Twitter.

The operation at Donald Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, has drawn the ire of his supporters. “Political Persecution”, And so are many Republican Turners. On Thursday, Justice Minister Merrick Garland, in an extraordinary speech, called for a judge to make public the warrant authorizing the search so his reasons would be public. This request – highly unusual – was favorably received by Donald Trump. “Not only will I not oppose the publication of the documents (…), but I will go ahead and encourage their immediate publication”, the billionaire wrote Thursday evening, though he refrained from making public a copy of the mandate he received. The former president assured in a press release on Friday that all the documents recovered by the police have been declassified.

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Earlier today, this Friday, The The Washington Post Citing unnamed sources but “Closer to the investigationIt was revealed that FBI agents were specifically looking for classified documents related to nuclear weapons. The Wall Street Journal It was later claimed that the authorities found in this search “about twenty” Boxes containing top secret secret documents and information “President of France”. The American newspaper claimed to have access to a three-page inventory seized on Monday, which included top secret or secret documents, photos and handwritten notes. The inventory is part of a seven-page document including the search warrant, the newspaper adds, which warrants that the inventory contains relevant information. “President of France”. Without specifying whether it was Emmanuel Macron.

“Important Public Interest”

Until then, speculations about the reasons for this search were more favorable Former President’s Involvement in Capitol Attack, in January 2020. Monday’s search was the first to target a former president of the United States. In his brief televised address on Thursday, Merrick Garland made the assurances “personally approved” This search. “The Ministry does not take this kind of decision lightly”The Minister of Justice underlined that the case was taken by A “Important Public Interest”Three months before the interim assembly elections.

The law requires that all e-mails, letters and other official documents of US presidents be turned over to the US National Archives. However, by the time Donald Trump leaves the White House in January 2021, agents from the archives have already taken fifteen boxes of documents to be retrieved from Mar-a-Lago. Donald Trump, outraged by the search, told TruthSocial on Monday that his lawyers are cooperating. “completely” When with the authorities “Suddenly and without warning, at 6:30 a.m., Mar-a-Lago was raided by a large contingent of officers”. He specifically complained about the fact that FBI agents had “First Lady’s Closets Searched” Melania Trump. On Wednesday, he suggested the federal police might have “Square Samachathuram” False evidence against him in this operation.

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