Top 5 Psychology Universities in the US

Top 5 Psychology Universities in the US

If you want to study psychiatry, Stanford University and Harvard University are two of the top 5 schools rated for this field.

1. Stanford University

Stanford University was founded in 1885 by Jane and Leland Stanford in the heart of Silicon Valley. Psychology was one of the first faculties born into this institution.

Psychology courses at Stanford are divided into 5 major majors: Influence Science, Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Social Psychology.

Students can take large or small portions of the course as part of their social science degree. They will study subjects including abnormal psychiatry, cultural psychiatry, and clinical psychiatry. In addition, students have the opportunity to conduct independent research for course credit.

2. Princeton University

Princeton University (group of 8 best schools in the US) is a member of the Ivy League. The school’s psychology department was founded more than a century ago.

Princeton students can study psychology as part of the Bachelor of Social Science degree program. If you want to study the psychology of language, movement, and social interaction, students will learn basic statistical methods and neuroscience.

At the undergraduate level, students can study for a PhD in Psychology or Philosophy.

The Department of Psychology is closely associated with the Center for Brain, Mind and Behavior Research (CSBMB), which studies the neural basis of psychiatry. CSBMB has facilities to study brain function, including high-field FMRI scanners for research, an EEG lab, i-tracking lab, various facilities for data analysis, and a computational model.

Harvard University, USA. Image: 2 U.S.C.

3. University of California, Berkeley

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Psychology was once part of the Department of Philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley. It was started independently in 1921. The University of California, Berkeley offers undergraduate and graduate programs in psychiatry, focusing on six majors: Behavioral, Scientific, Developmental, Clinical, Cognitive, and Psychosocial Neuroscience.

Students can do a major or minor study in psychiatry. The university offers extracurricular activities for graduates in research, internships and fieldwork.

4. University of Chicago

Psychology is one of the best majors at the University of Chicago. Graduate programs combine different courses and research opportunities. Students can choose from five major disciplines: Biological Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Sensory, and Cognitive Psychology.

Students can join “Sai Chi”, the local unit of the National Honor Society in Psychology, and participate in events such as Lab Night, which showcases researchers’ latest project.

5. Harvard University

Psychology is one of my favorite courses at Harvard University. At the undergraduate level, the school offers courses ranging from beginners to advanced levels.

The graduate program covers four major areas of study: cognition, brain, behavior, developmental psychiatry, social psychology, and clinical science.

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