Top 5 International Destinations –

Top 5 International Destinations -

Why more and more people choose I. Camper for rent? Camper is synonymous with freedom because it allows you to live a comfortable but adventurous road experience. A very flexible solution suitable for those traveling with their family, including pets. Here are 5 recommended countries for a trip to Camper.

The magic of Iceland

The most famous route is the Hringwegur, the main artery in the country with a length of over 1,300 km. Among the places we visited along the way, we remember Akureri, Iceland’s second city, full of flower beds, trees and gardens. The capital, Reykjavk, is distinguished by a modern center and at the same time excellent atmosphere. Hafna, a port city (Hafn means “port”), Blandus, and a destination for visiting the Hanafly Bay should also be considered where possible. The Holmans Nature Reserve is located in the easternmost part of Iceland, Auschwitz. Trekking enthusiasts can enjoy the 8 km long waterfall circle.

Book a motor home in advance to experience the myth of the United States

The journey will start from Chicago and cross 8 states, setting the final destination in San Francisco. The first recommended stop leads to Joylet, where the museum is located, dedicated to Route 66. The second stop will be in Springfield to visit President Abraham Lincoln’s home. Continuing to the Grand Canyon, a stop on the Gallup, the “Indian Capital” is a must. The next meeting is with Los Angeles, the inevitable land of Hollywood, the destination of the movie, Beverly Hills and the magical Disneyland. Finally, if time permits, it is recommended to visit the beaches of Malibu or Yosemite National Park, one of the American parks. Finally, it is worth remembering that in the midst of travel proposals for “shore-to-shore” states, campers in the USA are not allowed to park on the side of the road at night. The ban extends to squares and some popular places (national parks are an example).

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Beautiful landscapes in Norway

In Norway, as in Finland and Sweden, free camping is considered legal – with some restrictions. What better opportunity than to stop where you need to be by avoiding private camp sites? Many people believe that its area is only suitable for a spring or summer camp vacation. In fact, the country is used to welcoming tourists even in winter. In fact, during the colder months, phenomena like Northern Lights can provide an unforgettable view, while frozen lakes give skating lovers the opportunity to enjoy their surface. In terms of transportation, the choice is often on the route that crosses the Lofoten Islands, the Atlantic Road, and the route from Jerry Ranger to Trollstegen.

From Portugal to Lisbon

For those who usually travel by camp, Portugal is one of the most popular destinations. In addition to good condition roads, there is no shortage of parking areas dedicated to camping, which in many cases is free. Porto is a major city of the arts and famous for its bridges. The travelogue that praises Duvoro, known as the “River of Gold”, is so beautiful, no wonder List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The capital, Lisbon, is unavoidable. Lovers of specific landscapes will find Praya da Adraga, the presence of rocky shores and an ideal place to enjoy a relaxing walk. When it comes to beaches, the most famous is Portimo, a hidden bay rising from the limestone cliffs.

Breathe in the beauty of Ireland with a rental motorhome

Comfortable Landscapes: No matter which place you choose, this is the characteristic that sets you apart from the best Irish travelers. At the same time, it guarantees an unprecedented number of camping experiences such as horse trekking, canoe trips and kayak excursions. In the southwest, the Beara Peninsula is an unavoidable destination: wildlife and landscapes of unparalleled beauty. Emotions are provided by the panoramic road that flows along the ocean; Along the way, several colorful villages will accompany the camp. Once you reach Ferry Bere Island, you can head to the famous Ring of Kerry. Inland, the trail follows the Barrow River, which runs between the counties of Kildare and Carlo.

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Camper Travel: The Benefits of Booking in Advance

It is now clear that the ideal countries to discover with a rental camper are suggested: incredible views, practical roads, parking possibilities and, in many cases, absolutely free. By booking in advance, those who want to take a campervan vacation in 2022 will get significant benefits. In particular, it is possible to take advantage of lower prices, but after all, there are more opportunities to choose from in terms of available models.

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