Top 14 – Stade Toulouse – Stade Francis: Finally, it’s “Boxing Day”

Top 14 - Stade Toulouse - Stade Francis: Finally, it's "Boxing Day"

Four of the seven matches have been postponed due to Kovid. Match Day Stade Toulouse – Stade Francis. Boxing day failed. Anarchy again in the first 14.

From big gala to big mess. No big party was held at the stadium. Surprising imprisonment? Late curfew? Not only that, but nine Covid cases in the Stade Francis workforce on the morning of the competition. Then, a press release from the NRL: “Due to the health condition of the Sceded Francis Paris workforce, following the inspections conducted this morning, the NRL Competition Committee convened an urgent meeting today and decided to postpone this meeting to a later date.”

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25 minutes later, just as Stade Toulouse was about to announce the end of the match, the league’s hammer fell at 11:35; Last tickets sold out last day. One week after the postponed Wasps match, which was to be sold at Ernest-Wallen, Toulouse supporters lost their year-end prize again, making their smiles even more worrying.

50,000 private match spectators over two weekends

In total, over two weekends, 50,000 Toulouse spectators missed meetings. On the contrary, 50,000 tickets sold at the stadium were lost. As the matches have not been canceled but have been postponed, the tickets are still valid if the matches are played … In the background, an entire logistics and parallel economy (especially refreshments) is at a standstill.

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But why was the meeting so late? Because Stade Franസois, who had only one Covid case on Friday, now had nine in the morning of the match. It provides an overview of the pollution-related increase in pollution, which some scientists estimate has reached the peak of the sixth wave, but predicts that by mid-January there will be 200,000 pollution per day, indicating difficult days ahead.

The match was postponed, but when?

But why do some Toulouse followers say that the Paris Club did not declare a confiscation? Because it’s not the same rules as in the European Cup (although some clubs lose their matches during the day when they see their matches postponed). Quite simply, there are fewer wildcards in the top 14 when it comes to dates. I.e. weekends of February 12, 13, March 12, 13, March 19 and 20. Yes but here, in this case, we see three matches of the tournament, France – Ireland, Wales – France and France – England respectively. This means that if the meeting is postponed to that date – regardless of its international significance – Stade Toulouse will play against Stade Francis. Or a duplicate. A sense of injustice that Toulouse realized was later lost to a dozen players. Like Stade Francis yesterday …

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Also, this meeting has been planned in the stadium for a long time, as it is a Boxing Day tradition and the Toulouse enclosure is available on this date during the TFC holidays. If the stadium wishes to hold this meeting at the stadium, the postponement date must coincide with a match away from the TFC.

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Toulouse is a big loser … without playing

For the time being, you may have realized that the big defeat of this missed meeting (without playing) of the stout Toulouse was that without Kovid in its crew, the match had to be played with the wickets closed. Play this match in unfavorable conditions for a few weeks. But this is just a sport, we have to be right. That’s why in its press release, the management of the Red and Black Club wants the popularity rating of Parisians – never too high – to be smoother than comments on social networks where serious scratches have occurred.
The fact is that we can not postpone meetings every time. Last season, the league was able to adapt, postpone after the postponement, and end the championship. But the room for trickery is getting thinner.

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