Top 14. 10-week suspension for La Rochelle coach Ronan O’Gara

Top 14. 10-week suspension for La Rochelle coach Ronan O'Gara

La Rochelle’s Irish coach Ronan O’Gara has been suspended for ten weeks by the National Rugby League’s disciplinary committee for “prejudicing the best interests of rugby”, the LNR said in a statement on Wednesday. In a rare incident, the French Rugby Federation (FFR) and the LNR seized the commission for remarks specifically related to the arbitration and organization of the championship by the former XV d’Ireland opener. Boss of French referees Frank Masiello.

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O’Gara was fined €20,000, including €5,000 suspended, and has seven days to appeal.

Some specimens of O’Gara

The La Rochelle manager has already been banned three times since November 2021 for his attitude towards referees, starting with a two-week suspension for “disrespecting the authority of an official” during a stadium match. The former international was suspended again for two weeks in April 2022 for “indiscipline” and “challenging officials’ decisions” against Racing 92.

His most recent suspension, the heaviest (six weeks), dates back to September 21 for “disrespect” and “action against an official” against Lyon, who led La Rochelle to Europe on the second day of the Top 14. The crown in the spring did not qualify until October 31. With his new ten-week suspension, he will not return to the sidelines of the pitch until January 30.

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