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Top 10 Rugby Players of All Time

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Rugby is as exciting a sport as football. Although more physical and rugged, it attracts a large number of people. Since its inception in the early nineteenth century, the sport has been growing. Men have marked the history of rugby for ages. Drawing something on top of the lot is an illusion. However, we offer you a ranking of the top 10 rugby players of all time. find out!

10. Serge White

Serge Blanco is one of the most talented defenders of his time and in the history of rugby. He holds several French rugby records. He owns the number of points in the selection (233) and the number of attempts (38). Hold on! Serge Blanco is also the only French rugby player in the top 10. Along with the Blues, the Backs have won 5 of the 5 Nations tournaments 6 times in the 1980s. Note that in 1987, the French team even reached the final of the World Cup. For all blacks. Sergei, who has evolved into his favorite club, will never win a title with the Beatrice Olympics.

9. Martin Johnson

Martin Johnson was a physically strong rugby player who intimidated his opponents. Along with Wilkinson, he is considered one of the greatest English rugby players of all time. Martin was undoubtedly a leader in the club and in the election. Thanks to his successful mind, he had this ability to surpass his teammates. He captained England to victory in the 2003 World Cup in Australia. In addition to this title, Martin Johnson has won 4 of the 6 Nations tournaments. He only played for one club, Leicester, where he spent his entire career. Along with the Tigers, he is a five-time English champion and two-time European Cup winner.

8. Michael Jones

Michael Jones, nicknamed “Iceman”, is the eighth best rugby player in our rankings. At the first World Cup in 1987, New Zealand joined the All Blacks, becoming the first tri-scorer in the history of the competition. Throughout his career, he played 55 games and scored a total of 56 points for his team. Michael Jones is a fast and talented player with a good outlook on the game and has twice won the Super 12 with the Auckland Blues.

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7. David Campis

David Campis is the best Australian rugby player in history. In 1982, when he was just 19 years old, he played his first pro game for Wallabies. Campis was quickly seduced by his abilities and became an undisputed owner with his team. The Australian ends his career with 64 attempts and 320 points. Along with the national team, he knows 101 matches and won the 1991 World Cup. With Campis, we do not know what to expect as his movements are unpredictable. He also has the distinction of inventing the “goose step”, which can destabilize his vision. In his career, he is ranked 7th in our ranking of the best rugby players of all time.

6. Richie McCaw

For the youngest, Richie McCoy is one of the greatest rugby players of modern times. As the undisputed leader and captain of his team, he won 2 consecutive World Cups with the All Blacks in 2011 and 2015. Out of 148 matches played in the selection, he will have 131 wins in all the matches. Richie, who is tough, fast and powerful, reads the game well, often playing as a third-tier winger, and for years this position was considered by many to be the best player. Richie McCaw was named IRB World Player of the Year for two consecutive years in 2009 and 2010.

5. Brian Odriscoll

Brian Odriscoll, also known as ‘BOD’, is the greatest Irish rugby player of all time. In the selection and at his club Leinster he evolved to the position of second center. BOD is an agile and fast player with an incomparable vision of the game. But Odris‌col is also a great defender. It makes him a complete player in attack and defense. With the selection of Ireland, Bryan Odriscole won the doubles tournament in six countries, including a 2009 Grand Slam. He has played in all 4 World Cups, but will not succeed in advancing further to the quarter-finals. Along with his Leinster club, BOD won the Celtic League four times and won three European Cups in 2009, 2011 and 2012.

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4. Johnny Wilkinson

Johnny Wilkinson is famous for his ability to hit penalty, drop or conversion chances. We still remember his last-minute drop in the 2003 World Cup final. He is a hard worker who has had great success in selection and club. The Englishman was the champion of England with Newcastle and the champion of France with Toulon. He also won the European Cup with Toulon Rugby Club.

3. Gareth Edwards

Gareth Edwards was a talented Welsh rugby player of the 60s and 70s. Many observers consider him one of the greatest rugby players of all time. Along with the Welsh team, he won the Five Nations Tournament seven times between 1969 and 1978, including three Grand Slams. Throughout his international career, the Welshman played 53 games and scored 88 points, which was already a real achievement at the time. At the club, Edwards played only for Cardiff, where he played for 12 seasons. Gareth Edwards scored 426 points in 195 games for the Welsh club. In addition, the Welshman’s name is associated with what is often regarded as the “effort of the century” during a glorious match against the Barbarians against the All Blacks.

2. Dan Carter

Dan Carter is probably the best fly half in rugby history. He became the All-Black scorer with 1598 points from 112 games. Carter has won the Tri-Nations (current rugby championship) 8 times with New Zealand and is the top scorer in this tournament. This is his second World Cup victory with 19 points in the final, which will elevate him to the rank of legend. Dan Carter is an absolute player, fast, agile and very hard to stop. It is effective for the feet as well as the hands. He has been named the IRB Player of the Year three times by the IRB for all his performances. Unlike his predecessors on the roster who remained loyal to one club, New Zealand went through multiple clubs. Let us quote the Crusaders of France and Racing 92. At the age of 37, he takes on the final challenge with Kobelco Steelers of Japan. Although he has not yet finished his professional career, he deserves second place in our top 10 for all his work.

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1. Jonah Lomu

Jonah Lomu was an incredible rugby player with incredible speed. At about 120kg and 1.96m, he easily penetrated the opposition defense. At the 1995 World Cup, he scored 7 attempts in 5 games, but it was not enough to lift the All Blacks to the top of the world. They will lose in the final and as a result Lomu will never win a World Cup. Despite this misfortune, the rugby player had a professional career rich in trophies. He has won 3 tri-national titles with the All Blacks and 2 Super 12 titles with the Auckland Blues. He earned the nickname “Bus” because of his style of power and attractive running. We put him at the forefront and center in the rankings of the top 10 rugby players of all time because of his influence on the sport.

Our top 10 rugby players in history may not include all the names that have marked this sport. We make special references to many other players who impress with their abilities. This is the case with Carlos Spencer, one of the best opening half of the Super 12 with the Auckland Blues. Cincinnati Brooks, one of the third line in the era of the legendary Cincinnati Brooks of the All Blacks and Auckland Blues, also had everything to feature in our rankings. Even the doubles champion in the TOP 14, Sergio Parois deserves to find a place on our list.

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