Tooth bleaching can often cause pain, here is the solution!


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Jakarta – The perfect look is what some modern day people need. Not only is the body or face expected to be perfect, but so are the teeth. Therefore, many city dwellers do not choose to bleach.

Ya, treatment Bleaching teeth Be a solution for people who want clean white teeth. Of course this activity only helps with aesthetics, but did you know that there are side effects behind the beauty of those beautiful teeth?

“The process of bleaching teeth uses chemicals that remove certain minerals from the enamel layer of the tooth, so it is not surprising that bleachers complain. His teeth ached A few days ago, prosthetist Andy Virahadikusuma said on the webinar ‘Restore Sensitive Tooth Free Smiles With Mineral Stress’ on the webinar.

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Dr. Andy continued that because of these side effects, people who want to whiten their teeth are advised not to treat regularly.

“As expert doctors, we recommend brushing your teeth once a year, or if you want to do it twice, as long as there is a distance every 6 months,” he said.

So, if you have bleached, what steps can you take to prevent your tooth problem from getting worse?

“We recommend treating people who bleach their teeth with a special toothpaste for sensitive teeth, because the painful effects on the teeth will last for a while,” Dr. Andy suggested.

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