“Too poor to be prime minister” – Corriere.it

"Too poor to be prime minister" - Corriere.it

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London – Basically, Boris can not be prime minister: he is very poor. An unknown blow led himSunday Times A self-proclaimed street councilor: So. English Sunday tried to count on Johnson’s pocket, The head of the British government on the sidewalk, was found to be constantly harassed by financial problems, which led him to all sorts of pressures. The origin of the story is the corruption of the renovation of a private apartment on Downing Street, Where Boris lives with her fianc Carrie Symonds: The $ 58,000 bill would initially have been paid at least by conservative party financiers. Johnson did not announce – as he should – this contribution: this led to a number of inquiries that could have led to his indictment.

He was very paranoid about it Restoration The Prime Minister’s residence that his girlfriend strongly wants: she chose expensive furniture for one Designer Trendy, because apparently Theresa May left for fear of department store furniture. Excessive and baroque taste earned her the adjective Carrie Antonietta and as a result the total bill was said to be 200 200,000 (approximately ആയി 250,000): it was after the fact that it was presented to the miserable Boris. Of course, it may seem strange at first that a British Prime Minister is broken, especially when you consider it The average salary is 7 157,000 per year, or about 5 185,000. This has already affected Johnson compared to his previous income: as a columnist TelegraphHe earned 300,000 euros, including fees for books and speeches. In all, before taking over the leadership of the country, Boris was home to more than half a million people a year.

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At present, the Prime Minister’s income tax is 95 95,000 (approximately ,000 110,000). But then you have to pay Ten thousand euro tax on owning a street apartment: Johnson must pay for food and guest expenses out of his own pocket if he is to receive someone privately at official official residences. But Especially his personal life, which depended on Boris’ accounts. Divorce from ex-wife Marina, abandoned for Carrie, is particularly costly; There are different children to support, i.e. six officers (one from four marinas, one from a mistress, one from a car) and how many other ana of formal children are known. Johnson eventually pledged more than $ 1.5 million To buy a house with Carrie in south London and pay for her cottage in Oxfordshire.

In short, there is no need to waste. for this Boris called on the Conservative Party to write off money to liberal financial institutions: One turning point for Wilfred, including paying for baby sitting for her last baby Personal trainer, Which helped shed extra pounds. But as one anonymous provider put it, I have no problem asking for money to clean the Prime Minister’s baby ass: Because a babysitter in London costs 2 2,500 a month (and a Personal trainer 20 euros per hour). Boris would also ask for a bank loan: but this has not even been announced. Not only transparency but also legal issues: The bankrupt Prime Minister can be subjected to all sorts of pressures, If not blackmailed, as well as deviates from his duties.

In the last week The events of Johnson’s chaotic life filled the English press Labor attacked for allegations of corruption and corruption. Many argue that public opinion does not pay much attention to it, because Boris is considered an impeccable character. But really Voters are starting to pay attention: The latest poll gives Labor one point below the Conservatives, who previously enjoyed great gains. This too A few days after an important administrative election: If corruption depends on the vote, Johnson, who is already under siege in the domestic arena, will open a very sensitive stage.

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