Too much fatigue and toxic substances accumulate in the brain. Expert advice: rest and sleep

Too much fatigue and toxic substances accumulate in the brain.  Expert advice: rest and sleep

Research –

Therefore, according to experts, it is better not to make important decisions when you are tired: in these cases, the brain chooses options that provide a quick reward and a small effort. Researchers led by

Anthony Wheeler

To complete the study, they used

Magnetic resonance spectroscopy

(Mrs.) Let’s go

Brain activity was monitored over a working day

. Fatigue particularly emerged in groups of workers most engaged in mental activity. Regardless of what one might think, not only office workers, but also athletes are involved in this phenomenon: they experience not only physical fatigue, but above all, mental fatigue due to the intense concentration required. Competitions. Experts found that these people have high levels of the molecule


in the area of

The prefrontal cortex


Authors of the study


Based on the results of previous studies

They claim it

Accumulation of glutamate contributes to the feeling of fatigue

. Makes the molecule

The most difficult cognitive control after a work day is mentally tough.

“Rest and Sleep” –

“Our results show that

Cognitive activity results in an actual functional change

“, he comments

Mathias Pesiglione

, one of the study’s authors. “Fatigue can therefore be a signal to preserve the integrity of brain function.

Rest and sleep

. In fact, there is plenty of evidence to suggest

Glutamate is depleted during sleep.

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