Tokyo University of Science’s VRChat event venue is open to the public You can view research results and posters at any time – MoguLive

Tokyo University of Science's VRChat event venue is open to the public You can view research results and posters at any time - MoguLive

Interdisciplinary Exchange Event “Interdisciplinary Exchange with VRChat ~Exploring the Potential of “Souki” in the Metaverse’s “VRChat” platform has been released to the public. Anyone can enter for free.

Students and faculty from the Faculty of Science and Technology of Tokyo University of Science participated in the event “Exploring the Potential of ‘Soukyu’ in Metaways ~ Exchange of Different Fields with VRChat ~”. It was an event that verified the potential of cross-disciplinary exchange through experimental videos, explanations, slide presentations and poster sessions.

Created by cross-disciplinary exchanges in the metaverse

What are the possibilities for “academics” created by cross-disciplinary exchanges in the metaverse? What I felt at the Tokyo University of Science VRChat event


“Open World”TUS Tokyo University of Science “Soukan” Science and Technology Event Venue”, the venue of the event is open to the public. In addition to the gimmick of displaying the designated main field above the head, there is also a pedestal of sample avatars at the entrance.

A video presentation by a teacher at Tokyo University of Science, one of the main contents, is also installed. You can see relay images of the actual earthquake reconstruction facility and fire test images that can be viewed as 3D images in VR, just like during the event.

A slide for the event also remains. Sponsored by “VRC Science Meeting”.KuroliYou can also carefully read the presentation slides of Shri.

By activating the gimmick behind the pillar, it is also possible to summon the exhibition for the poster session.

It’s a world where the content used on the day of the event, such as videos, slides and posters, is left intact, and if you experience them one by one, you can relive the event. As the event was so well received by attendees, we were delighted to see each piece of content archived at each venue. Check it out if you are interested in the event.

Access the world here (requires MetaQuest 2, or PC-connected VR headset, high-spec PC).

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