Tokyo 2020, Sardinian rower Stefano Oppo flies to final | Sports

Tokyo 2020, Sardinian rower Stefano Oppo flies to final |  Sports

In spite of adverse circumstances, Sardinian single Stefano Oppo When he was just 26, he reached his goal, along with a colleague, Pietro Route, Flying to the finals of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

In the waters of a lake within the limits of the conditions, a strong wind favored the first part of the race, but against the finishing line, Stefano Oppo and Pietro Ruta put on a show With Ireland Point to point with the Olympic Vice Champions.

After a very strong start and high shots, Italy soon overtook Ireland, but after 1000 meters the Irish couple changed speed and overtook the Italian crew.

From the middle of the match, Oppo and Ruta’s Italy were second and Belgium third.

Ireland not only topped the list, but also broke a new world record. Italy finished second, Valid for tomorrow’s final.

This is the order of arrival. 1. Ireland 6:05:33; 2. Italy (Stefano Oppo – Pietro Ruta) 6:07:70; 3. Belgium 6:13:07; 4. Ukraine 6:14:57; 5. Spain 6:15:49; 6. India 6:24:41.

Now the appointment for the grand finale Tomorrow, Thursday, July 29, 2021 at 2:50 p.m.

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