Tokyo 2020: Romelman and Osborne win silver in rowing

Tokyo 2020: Romelman and Osborne win silver in rowing

Level: 07/29/2021 3:32 am

Jonathan Rommelmann of Krefeld and Jason Osborne of Mainz won silver medals in the Olympic rowing competition at the Lightweight Double School on Thursday (July 29, 2021). The German couple had to concede defeat to Ireland and bronze to Italy.

Since the Olympic premiere in Atlanta in 1996, there has been no easy German double-two medal tally. However, women had silver in 2000 and 2004. Rommelman / Osborne is now in the Olympic history books with a brave competition in difficult windy conditions.

Rommelman and Osborne were delighted

“I can not believe it. There was a lot of pressure on the boiler.”

Osborne was also delighted with the medal: “Me and my home club, the Mains Rowing Club, have a lot of meaning. We were good until the last 300 meters. The Irish made life difficult for us, and that’s the end.” “There will be one or two beers,” the 26-year-old said.

In the end, Ireland barely won

On the 2000 m long route, strong winds blow in both demanding but manageable conditions. Rommelman and Osborne were ahead for a long time, but strong Irish men had to be allowed to cross at the end of the route. The gap in finish was only 0.86 seconds.

The German duo, who dominated the match in the semi-finals, won by a large margin. Only Irish Paul Odonovan and Fintan McCarthy set an even bigger surprise in their preliminary race with a new world record, eventually winning the final.

Silver from Rommelmann / Osborne is the first medal of the German Rowing Association (DRV) in Tomeo. On Wednesday (July 28, 2021) the German women’s double forms lost silver. These four have been around for medals for a long time, but made a technical error in the 200m round finish and finally finished fifth.

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