Today’s Show Tips: “Brizant” and “West-Eastern Diwan Orchestra of Ramallah”

Today's Show Tips: "Brizant" and "West-Eastern Diwan Orchestra of Ramallah"

What thrilling shows are on TV today? Find out with our show recommendations for this Sunday. Catch shows with Christoph Waltz or Jill Balcon and have a good time.

Today, Sunday, you are looking for me Free-to-air TV? From 5 pm, big personalities like Christoph Waltz and Jill Balkon await you on television. Watch a tabloid magazine, a classical concert, or a culinary duel. Our show recommendations are:

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Tabloid Magazine: “Brisant” (5 p.m. on ARD)

Since 1994, the tabloid magazine has been reporting on national and international events, gossip, royals, celebrities and would-be celebrities in an entertaining mix on Monday to Saturday afternoons. Also features tips and trends, home stories and reports from premieres, events and charity events.

This tabloid magazine ARD It takes 44 minutes.

Classical Concert: “The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra in Ramallah” with Christoph Waltz and Yo-Yo Ma (Arteil 5:40 p.m.)

This classical concert by Ann-Kathrin Pietz offers 45 minutes of entertainment with Christoph Waltz Selbst, Yo-Yo Ma Selbst and Waltraud Meier Selbst.

Culinary Duel: “Malzer and Hensler Deliver!” (8:15 p.m. on Vox)

Based on feedback from their customers, Tim Mälzer and Steffen Henssler cook in their pop-up delivery service and then deliver the dishes themselves. Here’s a novelty: the rating can now be given half stars – a maximum of five. Those with the least number of stars at the end will be punished. This time, Jeanette Biederman, Evelyn Weigert, Frank Elstner, and Steven Gatgen are prominent among the customers.

This cooking duel Vox It will take 200 minutes.

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Artist Portrait: “Daniel Day-Lewis” by Jill Balcon and Michael Balcon (Arteil 10:45 p.m.)

Daniel Day-Lewis is considered one of the greatest acting talents of all time. Be it a gang leader in “Gangs of New York” or a fashion designer in “The Silk Thread” – the British-Irish actor embodies his roles with dedication and precision. Only man to win three Best Actor Oscars. The documentary illuminates the actor’s career.

Featuring Jill Balcon Self, Michael Balcon Self, Kenneth Branagh Self, Marlon Brando Self, Charlie Chaplin Self and George Clooney Self, this artist portrait by Nicolas Maupid offers 55 minutes of entertainment.

Portrait: “Gerd Müller – The Bomber of the Nation” (ZDF at 11:40 pm)

Mocked as “the little fat miller,” he is soon one of the best. A long time success in the penalty area is the rise of the legendary German striker’s prowess. On the other hand, the personal side of the goalscorer is almost unknown. After his early retirement from the national team, the football icon was caught in a downward spiral. He calls his comeback from a life crisis his greatest success – until an illness takes a toll on him. Wife Uschi Müller Speaks For The First Time “ZDFAbout her changeable life on Gerd’s side -history.

This portrait on ZDF lasts 45 minutes.

If you are looking for other exciting movies, series or current sports broadcasts on TV program, you will find them in our section TV Current Affairs Many TV recommendations.

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