Today, the Ministry of Education conducts a training course for second year students on the use of tablets in mathematics.

التعليم تعقد اليوم تدريبا لطلاب الثانى الثانوى على استخدام التابلت فى الرياضيات

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education continues to train high school students Use the tablet In the electronic exams, today, Sunday, training is conducted for the second year students of the secondary school in mathematics to ensure the technical skills of the schools which are scheduled to conduct the examinations.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education said this training is optional for students who have not participated in previous training or have been unable to do so to give them another chance to update the equipment and adapt to the platform under the supervision of the Education Administration.

The Ministry pointed out that a training session was held on Saturday, May 7, 2022, for the Biology Examination for the first year secondary students and today, Sunday, May 8, 2022, for the Mathematics Examination for the Second Year Secondary Students. Exams in subjects that are not included in the total do not affect the performance of the students.

They pointed out that the application for the exam platform has been updated and therefore alerts all students to update the equipment so that the Directors of Directorates can overcome all obstacles (if any) and inform the Ministry if there are any observations during the training. Agreement.

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