To the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Ford Municipality: – What is logic?

To the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Ford Municipality: - What is logic?

In between Readers’ posts At Sunnmørsposten, Mayor Eva Howe and Deputy Mayor Victor Waldall of Ford Municipality will provide input on the planning activities for the E39 / E136 Digernesskiftet-Ørskogfjellet.

Regardless of what harm their proposals do to other areas of the planned road, the authors seem to be looking to get the road to the maximum possible benefit for Ford Municipality.

As far as I know, the new E39 has planned accesses and exits to Digernesskiftet, Dragsundet and Ørskogfjellet. Public transportation and other car traffic should follow existing roads where people live in the future and connect to the new E39 at locations where this host is prepared, for example, those who benefit from long-distance buses to and from Mold should board and disembark at one of these connection points. This is also where one collects some connection points for public transport, such as Sjøholt, Digernesskiftet, and Moa. Why long-distance buses in the future should definitely go through Sjøholt, and do not pick up or drop off passengers at one of the planned connection points, it is probably only the authors will understand. When it comes to car traffic from Fjord Municipality, they say it’s important that the connection to the new road line is very low from Landedalen. Why?

For example, cars from Stordal, continuing to the Mold, or public transportation, use the same road, using the existing road to connect Landedalen upwards, to the Fjelstowa area, or slightly down the valley. New Road One or another city, I became a hip. As well as those who want to use the new E39 West. They must then drive to Dragsundet or Digernesskiftet and connect to the new E39 there. The shortcomings and challenges are not here. All existing roads should be as they are today. They will only get some traffic from your long distance traffic and then move on to the new E39. The authors also need a new road line that is as affordable as possible to use the saved investment funds to improve the E136 up Romsdalen. The enhancement and / or rerouting of E136 in Romsdalen has nothing to do with the Digernesskiftet to Ørskogfjellet category, so do not include the case argument for a new road line for E39 in the specified category.

Since the authors want the new E39 to essentially follow a new path, I think it’s irrational to suggest a tunnel behind the Sjøholt Center, extending to Landedalen in the Apalset. Why do they need a tunnel here when they do not think they need a tunnel from Svorta to Håhjem? It is the narrowest and most difficult city along the entire length of the road. A new road following a new road line will not only destroy the whole village, but also cause harm to those of us who live here, such as noise and pollution. Why do people living in Sjøholt need a tunnel, not us? Svorta / valle / hahjem? Where is the logic here?

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