To the final of the men’s 49s

To the final of the men's 49s

The fourth day of the Olympic ship in the Canary Islands for the Lanzarote International Regatta, the final stage for the country to qualify for the Olympics in the 49er, 49er FX and Nacra 17 classes. Cool breeze in 16 notes on regatta courses in Playa Blanca, three race classes for all, skiffs for male and female gold, silver and nakra 17 always divided into one ship.

Results Day 4

49er male – With the start of the final, there will be no major change in the script that performed well in qualifying. With Italy overtaking Belgium in the provisional rankings, the battle for last place in the European country is brilliant, but Ireland is still a long way off: the main reason for the next five regattas is: four in the final (three Thursdays) and one Friday) and a medal race in the top ten in the rankings.

Access to this Top-10 and entry into the medal race is becoming a new technical condition required for Italian sailors to remain hopeful until the end of their ticket to Tokyo.

After three matches in the final Gold, the Blues in the standings: Simon Ferraris (CV Barry) in twelfth place, Gianmarco Togni (Marina Military) (10-5-16 placements per day) with 96 points; 15th Uberto Crevelly (Navy) with 107 points, Leonardo Chiste (YC Punta Ala) (20-14-5); Young Marco Anassi (AN Sebina) and Eduardo Gamba (FV Malcesin) (17-10-11) are in 16th place with 107 points.

In the bout for the Olympic qualifiers, Azuri overtook Belgium, with Yannick Lefebvre and Tom Pelsmeekver dropping to 14th (102 points), but continue to follow Ireland with two crews: regular Robert Dixon, Sean Vadilov (58 points) and Guantanamo (94th); ).

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With five races available, to attack the Olympic skies, Italian sailors should approach the Irish and enter the medal and hope to get a chance to overtake them.

At the moment after a total of 12 Tests, Ferraris and Togni are 38 points behind the best Irish players, with Crevelly and Chiste 49, Anassi and Gamba 51. They are no less, especially considering Dixon and Vadilov’s schedule (still 3-1, ineligible for early departure).

49er FX Femminile– After yesterday’s disappointment, all the blues from gold and the official farewell to the Olympic hopes, today is another day, a renewed spirit for the Italian sailors who stand apart on the silver ship.

Sylvia Sikouri and Alice Cinno (Fiam Azure) (10-18-1) are the top scorers in the final heat of the day (10-18-1), bringing them back to 14th place. Civitavechia) (2-12-5), no silver.

In third place in the silver rankings are Jana Germany (Serena Trieste), Georgia Bertucci (FV Malcesin) (7-1-2); Fifth Alexandra Stalder and Sylvia Spoeri (Navy) (14-9-8); Seventh in Carlotta Omari (Fiam Giel) and Matilda DiStefano (Tristina Vela) (3-3-UFD). Margarita Poro and Joyce Floridia (Fiam Giale) did not compete due to minor injuries.

“Today – Sylvia Sikouri and Alice Sino announced – we had our first ‘bullet’ as a crew. We are happy with how we have produced this result, we have tried in the last few days to understand our strengths and what needs to be improved, giving each night a concise look and trying to grow. We believe this last match has found our dignity. It is a pleasure to travel on a ready-made ship, which helps us to understand where we are and how to operate. We still have only a few days to prepare for the water, so it’s hard to take positions after the wind in extreme conditions, and it’s the direction to work next summer. ”

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On Thursday the 25th, the Gold Ships have three other finals starting at 11 p.m. The Lanzarote International Regatta ends on Friday 26th with the final final regatta and the top ten medal races in the rankings.

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