To escape Brexit, John Le Carey was granted Irish citizenship before his death

John Le Carré, de son vrai nom David Cornwell, a écrit vingt-cinq romans et un volume de mémoires, The Pigeon Tunnel (2016).

As a convinced Eurofil, the novelist used his distant Irish roots to leave the United Kingdom.

Like many British citizens, the car of the gray novel master John Lee was strongly opposed to Brexit. As one of his sons reveals today, the author, who died on December 12, decided to adopt Irish nationality shortly before his death in order to escape the effects of the 2016 referendum.

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Nick Conwell reveals this information on a radio show – produced by the author’s friend Philip Sands – that will be scheduled on the BBC on Saturday. “At the time of his death he was an Irish citizen“It simply came to our notice then,” said Philip Sands, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau Time Upstream of broadcasting. He adds:One of the last photos“It shows something from his father”Sit down, wrapped in Irish flag, and smile.

Realizing that he was of Irish descent, John Le Carey went to southern Ireland:He went to Cork, where his grandmother lived, and was received by the Town Archivist in a very small space. She said to him, “Welcome home.”», Said the writer’s son. Brexit led to the influx of applications for Irish nationality from British citizens of that country to maintain freedom of movement in the European Union.

John Conway, whose real name was David Conwell, wrote twenty-five novels and a memoir, Pigeon Tunnel (2016). He has sold more than sixty million books worldwide. Inspired by his career as a secret agent, British double agent Kim Philby destroyed, revealed his cover and revealed the covers of many of his comrades in the KGB and forced him to resign from MI6.

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Brexit, “a madman”

In his latest novel, published in October 2019, he paints an uncompromising portrait of Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Europe, describing him as an “ignorant pig” and calling Brexit “crazy”.

Under the title Agent working in the field , Set in 2018, Nat, a 47-year-old MI5 agent of the British intelligence service, is in doubt about the future of his country and reveals his career choices to his daughter.

Describes a Great Britain “Free fallNat takes into account the reasons for suspecting the lack of democratic power in his country. In his article, Philip Sands underscores John Le Care’s love for Germany and the German language he speaks well.

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