To analyze. How Jamison Gibson-Park Murray changed the Irish game by relegating him to the bench

ANALYSE. Comment Jamison Gibson-Park a relégué Murray sur le banc et métamorphosé le jeu irlandais

Murray-Sexton, a combination that embarrasses even the most loyal lovebirds!Since 2012, Connor Murray has been one of the faces of Clover’s XV through his relationship with Jonathan Sexton. His toughness, leg accuracy and composure made him one of the key assets of Joe Schmidt’s team, as he won three of the Six Nations tournaments (2014, 2015, 2018) against the nations of the Southern Hemisphere. But the emergence of No. 9 Maori naturalized the Irish Jamison Gibson-Park, allowing Ireland to rise to a much higher level than the All Blacks.6 Nations 2021. Fabian Galti is wary of this Gibson-Park and Burns Hinch.6 Nations 2021. Fabian Galti is wary of this Gibson-Park and Burns Hinch.

Monster No. 9 Connor Murray is a legend in his 2010 post with 32, 91 caps, 8 British and Irish Lions with Ireland. Quality of play on foot, rough resistance, and anatomy (1m87, 94kg). ) Made him a player capable of interacting with forwards. The undisputed holder under New Zealand coach Joe Schmidt, Ireland won first place in a Grand Slam at the 6 Nations Tournament in 2018. However, from the 2019 tournament, the Clover team performed poorly, having to concede two crushing defeats against England (20-32) at home and Wales (25-7) in Cardiff. A very slow, uninspired game, separated on the green side.One of Murray’s strengths, resistance. Here in action containing Maro Itoje.

Unlike players like Aaron Smith, Nick White, Faf de Clerk, or Antoine DuPont, dynamic and fast passers, Connor Murray was more tough. Ireland’s performance in the World Cup highlighted these shortcomings and called into question the game this team should have. In the months that followed, there was a debate as to whether the Ulster scrum should be started in half John Cooney in Ireland.Champions Cup - John Cooney, the ideal man for Ulster and Ireland?Champions Cup – John Cooney, the ideal man for Ulster and Ireland?The evolution of the Irish game has been gradual since Andy Farrell was established as coach. We have seen improvements, but also gaps that still exist against England and France. Facing a rapidly rising offensive defense, Connor Murray’s lack of speed and agility affected Twickenham and Stade de France. The Irish attack on the English was blocked for 80 minutes. Against the Blues, the Irish came to offer a closed game in which they were proficient, which proved inadequate. It takes longer for the ball to advance 3/4 from a rack, and it takes less time for the attacker to reach the winning line and / or pick the game. We can see that clearly in the picture: in addition to lifting the ball, Murray “weapons” his pass. The attack lost time given to the opposing defense.

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It was then that the Gibson-Park Option, games 29 and 8, were taken seriously by the Maoris All Blackies. This “project player” arrived in Ireland in Leinster in 2016 and qualified in 2019, thanks to the World Rugby Rules of 3 years stay in one country. Former Hurricanes player Connor Murray is almost the opposite. Dynamic player, fast passer but low efficiency kicking. Its contributions led Ireland to progress.Compared to Gibson-Park, the ball is already dropped (where Murray aims for the pass of his pass). Leinster scrum-half, in addition to a fast pass, also performs gestures faster.

The tempo, printed at number 9 against the All Blacks in Dublin, allowed his team to win and change the game. However, we can blame him for continuing in the traditional game pattern. It was imperative to get out of the frame, especially at the end of the first half, when the All Blacks began to physically strike, leaving the edges of the default scoop free.The first bright example of the space available.

With Gibson-Park, Ireland can afford to play closer to the opposing defense, so there are more facilities for clearing, speeding and ensuring the continuity of the game. In short, this fall is a good thing that has already proved its worth against Japan (60-5) and New Zealand (29-20). Despite being criticized early in the year, Mറിori knew how to maintain the confidence of Andy Farrell, who transformed the Irish game, and how to maintain his position. Changing rugby after Schmidt years was no small feat. Connor Murray takes on the role of a substitute manager more and more, where at the end of the meeting he can prove that the accuracy of his foot play is invaluable.

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