To a Google and Facebook user .. Protect your privacy within 30 seconds

To a Google and Facebook user .. Protect your privacy within 30 seconds

Simple steps can help you prevent Google and Facebook from tracking your data so you can enjoy more privacy and no more than 30 seconds, according to the American “Fox News” website.

These so-called “privacy checks” are required, especially because the data collected by Facebook and Google is so large that it can be easily accessed by third parties for commercial purposes.

For example, when you want to read an article on a particular site through your Facebook or Google account, you may fall into this trap without creating a new account on the same site.

According to Fox News, “The moment you do that, it reveals your tracking points and everything you do on this site is sent to Google and Facebook.”

To prevent Facebook from tracking you, follow these steps:

From the computer:
Sign in, then click on the down arrow in the upper right. Click “Settings and Privacy” and select “Settings”. Click “Apps and Websites” in the menu on the left. If you do not see it, select “Security & Sign In” and then “Apps & Websites”.

From an iPhone:
Select “Settings and Privacy” and then “Settings”. Scroll down to apps and websites.

From Android devices:
Open the “Facebook” app, then tap the menu, then “Settings and Privacy”, then go to “Settings”. Scroll down to Security, then tap on Apps and Websites.

For Google, go to the Accounts page linked to your Google Account, where you will find any accounts you have registered with your Google Account. If you want to delete any of them, click “Unlink”.

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Sometimes you may not be able to do that because some apps require you to open the app itself, enter the app settings, search for linked accounts and then cancel.

You should also check which apps and services have access to your Google Account.

Usually, you need to download such an application to help you with tasks like scheduling exercises or daily work schedule.

This app may ask permission to access your Google Calendar and Google Contacts to suggest dates for meetings and friends that you are likely to meet.

If you do not need such applications, do the following:

Go to the Security section. Under “Third party apps that have access to the account”, select “Manage third party access”. Select the app or service you want to remove. Select Remove Access.

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