Tita and Banti remain in the lead in the Nacra 17 – OA Sports Class

Tita and Banti remain in the lead in the Nacra 17 - OA Sports Class

The second day of Keeler Washe ended, A classic monument to international regattas in the northern German city of Kiel, facing the Baltic Sea. Other regattas walked in the German seas today, let’s see how they went.

Rice Section Nakra17 Rugger Tita and Catarina Banty retain the number one spot, with the main characters having an amazing day today (three regatta wins and thirteenth place). Azouri now has 19 clear points in the standings, so he is +7, 26th and second behind British John Gimson and Anna Burnett. Gianluigi Ugolini and Maria Jibili (36) finished fourth at home. Second to sixth Piazza Vittorio Bizarro slowly froze.

In ILCA Class 7 Dimitri Peroni finished eighth with 29 clear points. Among the other 15 Italians: Giacomo Muson (16th) with 45, Roberto Rinaldi (21st) with 59th, Cesare Barabino (23rd) with 61 and Matteo Paulലോn with 71 (28th). After six regattas, Finnish Carl Tapper leads the way. In ILCA 6, Instead, Sylvia Senaro (29) went down to the seventh square and in front of everyone we still find the Australian Mara Stransky (9).

Work, Keeler Watch: Tita and Banti lead at No. 17, followed by Bizarro and Frascari.

In the 49 Year category Irish Robert Dickson and Sean Vadilov remain in first place with 12th place. Uberto Crevelly Viscondi and Giulio Calabro, who moved up from eighth yesterday to 21st today (43), are bad. Inn Class 49erFXOn the other hand, Carlotta Omari and Sveva Carro (55) climbed to 10th, while Ariana Pasamondi and Giulia Fava (57) finished 11th. Sofia Giഞ്ചിnchiglia and Giulia Schio are regaining positions, now at 67th and seventeenth. The Germans Sophie Steinlein and Thomas Plose (12) are leading the race after 8 regattas.

Finally, At 470 Elena Berta and Jakopo Iso remain in seventh place (33 net points). Benedetta de Salle and Bruno Festo are now 13th (57) and Andrea Tottis and Alice Linassi (84) are 20th. At the end of the second day in front of everyone are the Germans Louis Vanser and Philippe Ottenreith.

Photo: LaPresse

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