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Times, Quadrantids How to Stream Live, Astronomy Event Details Here

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The chessboards have arrived to welcome the new year. The annual meteor shower rises just after 2:00 pm tomorrow, and you can see 80 meteors per hour. According to NASA, the speed of the meteorite is 41 kilometers per second.

Quadrantids are active every year from December 28 to January 12, one of the strongest meteor showers.

What is so special about a quadrilateral meteor shower?

Most meteorites originate from comets, but are formed from the 2003 square EH1. It takes an asteroid 5.52 years to orbit our Sun, and as the Earth passes through the particles left by this asteroid, we see rain. When they fall into our atmosphere, these debris are signs of decay, creating the volcanoes we see in the sky.

The meteorite got its name from the constellation Quadrans Muralis (The Wall Square). When rain was first recorded, it was like radiation from this galaxy. It is now an inactive galaxy near the Boots galaxy.

How to see the bath

Stay away from light pollution in your cities and find a safe vacant farm or house roof. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes for your eyes to darken, so come and intervene as soon as possible. Be sure to bring a comfortable blanket for you this winter night. You do not need any special tools. The best strategy is to face the northeast of the sky and look for the fireball.

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Virtual Telescope Project 2.0 will go live tomorrow at 5:15 IST. They capture the rain from Rome.

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