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Time Crystal really exists. This is confirmed by quantum simulation

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The team of scientists has an important discovery in their hands that proves that the time crystal really exists, and they came to the conclusion through a special quantum simulation. This is a phenomenon that seems to violate the laws of physics, Science Alert Announced.

The first Perpetual mobile?

Time crystal is a special type of system that repeats certain changes indefinitely without the need for extra energy. It looks like a system that violates the laws of physics, it looks like a permanent mobile, but it’s not.

The entropy of such a system does not grow and can be found within the laws of physics. However, such systems are extremely complex and, although seemingly infinite, can gradually overheat and break down billions of years later.

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But they and the team of scientists could not wait that long A quantum computer was used to mimic them Google, they published in their study In the journal Nature. In this way, they were able to simulate the existence of such a glass for a very short time, and to start the process in the opposite direction or at another size.

An extraordinary field of physics

Thanks to quantum simulation, the team learned how to correct possible errors and ultimately gained the ability to reliably model time crystals. Thanks to this great progress, it is now possible to better explore the field of nonquilibrium quantum physics, the team explains. In its press release.

“While most of our understanding of condensed matter physics is based on equilibrium systems, these new quantum devices provide an attractive window into the world of unbalanced physics systems in many bodies.” Says Vedic Khomani, a physicist at Stanford University.

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Quantum crystal scientists hope that they will better understand the workings of many complex systems, not just the quantum spaces but also the human brain. “With the special capabilities of these systems, you will discover a new phenomenon that you did not predict.” The physicist Matteo concludes the current.

I can create them

Google’s research team recently published a study explaining how They can create a time crystal inside a quantum computer. However, in reality, they have not yet succeeded in creating such a system, but they are on a very good path.

Laboratory of Quantum Computing. Connie Shaw, IBM

The next step is to validate Google’s research and actually try to create time crystals. If Google actually achieves this milestone, they will be able to accelerate the pace of quantum computing. “Probably never” On “Maybe in the coming decades”.

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