Tim Becker, The Outside Track and Bernd Gieseking are coming to Wolfhagen.

The Outside track is mesmerizing with pre-Christmas sounds from Ireland and Scotland.
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Created by:

Vaughan: Achim Rosdorf

The Outside track is mesmerizing with pre-Christmas sounds from Ireland and Scotland. © Archie MacFarlane

A colorful year of culture in Wolfhagen comes to an end with delightful entertainment, hearty food for thought and pre-Christmas folk music.

Ventriloquist Tim Becker
Ventriloquist Tim Becker shows “Body in the Brain.” © City of Wolfhagen

Tim Becker – Nov. 6, 8 p.m

Stomach in the brain, or brain in the stomach? Do you also have a good gut feeling in your head? Ventriloquist Tim Becker doesn’t have them all anymore. Or is it? Is it too much? Either way, there’s fast, chaotic traffic in his head, and his program’s journey is exactly where it’s headed: his brain. Laughter is announced with famous characters. Puppet Comedy Lots of weird guys.

Outdoor track – 3.12., 20 uhr

If you want to enjoy Christmas from a new perspective, Ireland and Scotland are recommended. Both countries have an eccentric nature that is reflected in their Christmas celebrations. Irish, Scottish and Canadian female band The Outside track provide emotional insights with their “The Essence of Irish & Scottish Christmas”. A warm-up for the festival with great voices, playful mood, virtuosity, tap dance interludes and whimsical arrangements.

Old Familiarity with New Stories: Bernd Gieseking.
Old Familiarity with New Stories: Bernd Gieseking. © Thomas Rosenthal

Bernd Gieseking – 11.12., 7 pm

Satire and comedy about everyday madness, commentary and absurdity: it’s all “off for it!” Review the rapid roller coaster ride of the past 12 months, over 20 years of performing with best-selling author and cabaret artist Bernd Giesecking, master of the satirical annual. The juxtaposition of big events and personal perspective, framing the big picture in funny stories, exaggeration or even the occasional smug quote make the program both whimsically logical and playfully silly.

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Tel. 05692 9960096

Ticket Offices: Kulturburo in Wolfhagen Town Hall, Burgstrasse 33 – 35

Kulturladen, Trianglestr. 19, Wolfhagen,

Bookstore Mander, Schützeberger Strasse 29, Wolfhagen

Bookstore Kirstein, Bahnhofstr. 7, Bad Arolsen

Bad Arolsen Tourist Office, Gross Allee 24, Bad Arolsen.

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