TikTok is the first to recognize that user data can be accessed in China

TikTok is the first to recognize that user data can be accessed in China

TikTok users must have seen this window appearing for the past few hours when they open the application. “Updated Privacy Policy”From December 2, with the obligation to click “Roger that”, to watch videos. A Chinese social network with over a billion users worldwide,

Officially accepts the data of its users European standards can be checked in many countries around the world, including China. TikTok’s parent company ByteDance wants to “to assure, to confirm” A “A reliable, beautiful and safe experience”.

Find automated accounts

The update will take effect on December 2 and will affect the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Today, the most downloaded app in the world stores European user data in the United States (Austin, Texas) and Singapore. In a blog post, Elaine Fox, the platform’s privacy manager in Europe, writes: “We allow certain employees of our group located in Brazil, Canada, China, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and the United States to remotely access the user data of TikTok Europeans.”

According to the GuardianData can be used “To test certain aspects of the Platform”, improve the performance of its recommendation algorithms and identify automated accounts. TikTok’s algorithm is one of the best kept secrets.

By complying with European laws according to TikTok

The representative of the social network clarified that this consultation of the data will be carried out “Through GDPR (EU’s General Agreement on Data Protection Regulation) approved methods, subject to strong security checks and authorization protocols.”. In Europe, a 2020 “Schrems II” ruling by the European Court of Justice governs data transfers.

In the publication, Elaine Fox seeks reassurance and clarifies that a limited number of ByteDance employees will have access. “To Data of European Users”. She remembers that too “Tik Tok does not collect accurate location information”Although she wrote a few lines earlier that there is a “Update” Privacy Policy “Different Ways of Collecting European Users’ Location Information”.

Half word realized data transfer

The TikTok app has been controversial, especially in the United States. Many representatives and elected officials have accused the social network of being controlled by the Chinese government, which the firm has always denied. After last summer

A Buzzfeed surveyTik Tok CEO Zhou Si Chew claimed

Only non-sensitive data is accessible TikTok employees, including in China. In its disclosures, the American site disclosed the content of 80 recordings from internal company meetings. We understand that TikTok engineers in China have access to personal data of American users.

start of the week

Member of the Foreign Investment Council of the United States Former President Donald Trump had come out demanding to ban Tik Tok as he had earlier demanded.

The social network is also the focus of two surveys From the Irish Data Protection Commission, equivalent to France’s CNIL. It questions the way data is collected from underage users and transferred to China.

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