Tick ​​Tock opens in Milan and targets e-commerce with “funny” videos

Tick ​​Tock opens in Milan and targets e-commerce with "funny" videos

Tic Tac Toe, a Chinese short video platform controlled by ByteDance, will soon open an office in Italy, with more than 10 million users and about 30 employees. The company, founded by Sang Yiming, has announced that social media, as a video platform without defining itself, will face strong opposition from users around the world, mainly in China, Brazil and the USA. Billion, an increase of 45% from July 2020. That’s far from Facebook with 2.9 billion users, but with a much closer and more innovative business model.

The time for wandering girls seems to be far away. In fact, TikTok wants to be a brand media publisher with serious intentions in terms of video and content quality. The mission of the platform is to “study people with a smile” with this in mind and try to include advertising investors, thus engaging in direct competition with general and non-general TV channels.

During Tick Tock World, a global event for marketing professionals, the platform introduced new creative solutions for business. Businesses can promote themselves and sell their products directly from the platform.

In fact, the innovations include tick tock shopping, a package of solutions, functions and advertising tools to instantly convert the products seen in the video into purchases. Tick ​​tock accounts can be integrated directly or through third parties (such as Shopify, Square, Equid, Prestach) into a “complete commerce experience”. TickTalk takes advantage of user engagement: According to data released at a recent event, 61% of users say videos on TikTalk (more than any other platform) are unique and seven out of ten ads are interesting. The goal is to facilitate companies’ access to the platform and its larger community.

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One problem is the relatively young age of tick tockers. The most famous is American Charlie de Amelio, born in 2004 with 119.2 million followers. In second place is 21-year-old Khabi Lam, an Italian born in Senegal but with 100 million “followers”. In Europe, the Chinese company has 2,000 employees for brand management, creator, marketing and music in London, Dublin, Berlin, Paris, Warsaw and Stockholm. The new European data privacy team is based in Ireland and will build a data center by 2022 with an investment of $ 500 million to store data for European users.

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