Three soldiers faint during Platinum Jubilee Parade; Look

Three soldiers faint during Platinum Jubilee Parade;  Look

According to videos published by the British tabloid Daily Mail, three guards collapsed outside St Paul’s Cathedral during the Queen’s Thanksgiving service. The incident took place in London, England, where the temperature was 20 degrees Celsius and it seemed that those in charge of the security of the place would be affected by the use of heavy clothing. Two of them are reported to have passed, but only three were videotaped.

In one of the pictures Queen’s Platinum Jubilee CelebrationForeign Secretary Listrus climbs the steps of the cathedral for the celebration, and in the background a guard passes by, and you can see two military officers rushing to get medical help.

After that, the second guard falls as the members of the ceremony pass by. The other soldiers quickly helped him.

Eventually, a third member of the Queen’s guard had to be stopped by a wall before being taken away for medical treatment.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and Megan led the procession to St. Paul’s Cathedral. They were joined by hundreds of politicians and dignitaries in supporting the Queen and the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth, 96, withdrew from today’s ceremony due to movement problems after experiencing “some discomfort” following the celebrations at Buckingham Palace yesterday.

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