Three fascinating Irish islands born out of a rocky desert

Three fascinating Irish islands born out of a rocky desert

The Aran Islands are three limestone islands off the face of Galway Bay in Ireland. Their extraordinary cliffs hide a mystery: Millions of years ago, these cliffs were a continuation of the vast limestone plateau that stretches across much of Claire. Such a unique rock desert “produced” all three islands with a strong spiritual appeal.

Photo Credit: Irish Tourism

The largest of the three is the Inismore, which consists of limestone with cracks and crevices extending to the western cliffs. Inis Main means “Middle Island” and is famous for its woven sweaters and ash-colored rocks full of wildflowers. The smallest and closest to the mainland is Inis Oirr, which still retains the closest landscape to Buran.

Photo Credit: Irish Tourism

Inspired by countless writers, poets and artists over the centuries, many visit these Aranian islands to connect with the most authentic and traditional Ireland. But there are many treasures kept here, beginning with the dum, which means strong in Irish: what is found here dates back to the end of the Bronze Age to the Iron Age, and some say that in addition to being used as a house, there were also ceremonial purposes.

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