Thousands of virtual universes created to solve the mystery of the Big Bang

Thousands of virtual universes created to solve the mystery of the Big Bang

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According to the Free Turkish ReportIt aims to create a glimpse into the process that took place shortly after the Big Bang, where the observable universe quickly expanded rapidly with 4,000 virtual universes.

Masato Shirazaki, a cosmologist at the National Astronomical Observatory in Japan, said: “Based on current observations, we are trying to see a childhood photo of our universe.

The universe today varies in density.

The universe today varies in density. Some areas are galactic rich, while others are relatively barren. Shirazaki attributed the crash to fluctuations in density that existed in the primitive universe at the time of the Big Bang.

According to the researcher, these fluctuations developed in the form of threads as the universe expanded. The forces of gravity also interact with these long threads and the galaxies become clusters of them.

On the other hand, these gravitational interactions are very complex.

Researchers need to take gravitational fluctuations out of the equation to understand what the universe was like in this post-explosion development process called “inflation”.

Reconstruction method improved for exploration

To that end, the researchers developed a reconstruction method. But they had to try it to see if this method really worked.

For this reason, 4,000 editions of the universe were created using the supercomputer ATERUI II. All of these had different initial density fluctuations.

The researchers subjected these virtual universes to their own virtual inflation process and then applied the method of reconstruction.

The findings are excellent

The findings, published last month in the journal Physical Review by Pierre Review Science, were promising. Shirazaki commented on the findings:

We found that this reconstruction method could reduce the gravitational effects on the observed galaxy distributions. So this method allows us to effectively achieve the initial conditions of our universe.

Shirazaki says their goal is to apply this method to the actual cosmic network that connects the galaxies. Necessary information on the Cosmic Network has already been collected as a result of observations made using a telescope in New Mexico, USA.

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